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Settling for less

You can't get what you really want if you stop looking because something in front of you came close.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Topical Scripture Reference Guide

Practical Bible Reference Guide

Did you know??

Pope is Greek for father.
Matthew 23:9 (KJV)
And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

Clicking the title of this post will let you view "The Church" a pdf-fomatted work regarding the authority and organization of the Church.

Clicking this title will take you to following quizzes

You may be amazed at how simple questions appear not-so-simple and at how much you may or may not know.
Questions like, "Which of these answers only includes Scriptural names ascribed to the Lord's church?" "Is there more than one correct interpretation of God's word?" "Who, in the Bible, prayed a prayer of faith to receive Jesus into his heart and be saved?" "Can we be saved by faith only?" "If we can be saved by faith only, will God also save the demons?" "Does God require us to confess our sins before men?" "Why must we be baptized?" "Does baptism save us?" "How do we enter into Christ?" and many more are quite a discovery that I stumbled upon today. I encourage you now to take a quiz or three :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What is going on with the library system? Why do you need a chip in a card to pay for a book? Why is that more "reliable" than the tried and true? It's not. When you do this, you prevent people from going to libraries. You force those who do go to build up debt because they'd need the card to pay for a late book. Then they have mandatory PIN numbers? What's up with that? I want to petition this and sign petitions also. Every voice counts. Every person who does nothing is not helping to fix this and are helping it to stay how it is. Be responsible and do something.

Have you ever tried frozen applesauce? Just put an applesauce cup in the freezer. When you get it out in its frozen form, it's even better than going to the corner store and getting ice cream and ices because it has more substance. It has fiber, vitamins, minerals and natural flavors and colors; probably costs a lot less as well. When I did it, I had a Mott's cinnamon applesauce but I'd do it with the original, strawberry and mixed berry ones as well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you in the closet?

I love the song, God in me, sung by Mary Mary and Kierra “Kiki” Sheard. At first listen, it may seem very non-gospel. It may sound, even, like blasphemy or indoctrination. Yet, when you listen with the ears of your spirit, you hear, “You think I’m so fresh/You think I’m so clean/You think I’m so sweet/It’s the God in me!” This song is all about giving God the glory, when everybody thinks your life is so perfect and you’re so great, it’s about sharing where all the greatness and blessings flow from, and speaks of all of the praying you do behind the closed doors of your home.

A lot of time, people don’t share that. It’s not necessarily even like saying, “My prayer time is my private business and nobody needs to know,” which is, for the most part, biblical. More often, it is like, “I’m so busy that I forgot to be sensitive to the fact that people should be aware that I’m living my life for and through Christ.” People see what we show. Are you showing a true testimony? No doubt, Christians want to be identified with Christ. There have, however, been many times when we’ve neglected opportunities to I.D. ourselves with the Lord! It’s about finding balance. You don’t want to be the one who stands in front of the people praying, because we know prayer is a reflection of something private and sacred that is not supposed to be for show, but just because we’re in the closet praying doesn’t mean no one should know that we pray, and definitely doesn’t mean it’s something shameful! Don’t deny the Lord and He won’t deny you.

I also, very deeply, appreciate the part of the song that KiKi Sheard sings solo. “What is it you think you see when you see me/You see me/You don’t know how much I pray/You don’t know how much I gave/You don’t know how much I’ve changed/I’m just trying to explain” People may really view you as so honest and charming even though you know God made you all you now are and you did not just come into this world like that. Sure, you may have had some nice characteristics, but honestly, we’re all born in sin. Don’t tell me I’m good. God is good. I know it’s not me, but, my willingness to submit to Him and His love, grace, mercy, statutes, Word, Will, Way, Truth and Life.

I don’t know a single person who has walked into a church and strongly and sincerely cried tears and sang and prayed to a Lord they didn’t know. That joy and fellowship comes with a relationship. A relationship with the Lord is one that changes your very nature immediately when you commit and enter into the relationship.

I was completely shy yet so self-absorbed. I was rude, bossy and disrespectful yet weak and confused. I did not feel comfortable being me but was a victim of society’s every whim. You may think I just “grew up” but that isn’t so. I still face problems daily; I’m not saying I suddenly became perfect but I am saying I became a new creature! I no longer think like I did, feel like I did, behave like I did, or want what I used to want. I, everyday, learn how to be me in this world, because I’m in this world, not of this world, so it says in John 17:14-15.

Other references: Matthew 6:6, Matthew 10:33, Luke 12:9, Romans 3:10-12, Romans 12:2

Childhood, an excerpt of something I've written

Childhood is something that implies you're going through a phase. Therefore, it's something that, when you're done with, all you have is memories and lessons, ... if you let go of the past, that is.

The memories I have are quite interesting.
I remember Disney World and Six Flags Great Adventures trips. I also remember a trip to the Poconos, a trip to Massachusetts and a trip to Tanglewood in Pennsylvania. I remember a couple of shopping outlet trips...I don't think I liked them very much at all because it was for the older, richer family members. I remember my sister, brother and cousin talking about the name brands of clothes they wanted to get. All I and my younger brother got was a long boring ride and after that, a long boring day of walking around while they and my mother shopped. I remember, one time, I got two t-shirts (the white, spagghetti-strapped underclothes type).
Even more special than all of these trips, were the trips made every Sunday. My whole family, packed into my mom's van, drove to church! We went and enriched our souls! That was family time - church time. We rarely were around each other like that at any other time. Back then, we could afford to do it all together, every Sunday, because we were alll very young still. Eventually, the eldest got married, and the second eldest moved out around the same time, but it was still very family-oriented. A good thing was, after church, we'd go out to eat together, and it wasn't at a drive-thru either.

In pre-k, there was a halloween thing where we wore costumes. I wanted to be Barney AND Simba. Then there was a Thanksgiving pilgrim parade where we dressed like Pilgrims. Then, there was an easter egg hunt, after we painted the eggs, of course. That year, my mom let me cross the street without holding her hand. It was a small street and there was not a lot of traffic, especially at that time of day, but it meant a lot to me when she let go and let me walk across to her parked car. Lastly, there was graduation day. I have pictures of that day to help me remember it but I've remembered it well regardless of them. Pictures remind you of the color of the balloon that flew away, and the size of the apple you were eating but nothing compares to feeling the warmth of the sun, posing for the actual pictures, feeling the excitement of graduating, and sharing that love with those around you.

Going Ahead

People always want to go back, so they can do it better, but life is not about going back. You're supposed to move on. You know better now, do better now. You can't go back. You can give back to people who are going through what you've been through already but life is about moving forward.

Psalm 46:10; Matthew 6:33 says, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

A lot of times, we may get so blind-sighted with what we want, forgetting how small and fleeting and evanescent and silly it is. Sure it may mean something but look at what we already have; what God wants for us is greater. He said, Be still, and know that I am God.


People have often been confused about repentance; sometimes they don't even know they're confused.
They think it's something they can receive, like forgiveness.
When I hear somebody talking about it as if it's something else, a term that sort of sounds like it but is a completely different thing, penance, I know they've got it twisted. They speak of it like they can give God something to make up for their sins.
For one, to repent is not to pay for what you've done. If it was, it would defeat the whole purpose of believing in our Savior would it not? Why would you need Jesus Christ the Lord if you could simply pray and pay for whatever you have done to fall short??
What repentance really is though is the acknowledgment of your former ways not being the ways of God and your change and turnaround to align yourself with God through his Word, faith, Truth; it's the departure, neglect and abandonment of old and evil ways; it's walking in the Light. Repent means turn "( sin. It is a change in mind from sin to obey God bringing about a change in action." It means to forsake those old, evil ways. It means to decide to go a new way, the strait and narrow way. In the Bible, it says, so may times, to repent. Obviously, this tells us that it is something within our abilities to do. It is something we choose, something we decide to do, to move forward in, to come into. It's something within our reach. It's something that is up to us.
When you ask for forgiveness, you are asking for what only He can give to you. He does it (God in Christ). When you repent, you do what only you can do, in walking with Him.


Did you know that the Bible speaks on gangs?
It really does, and I read it a long time ago so I had to look online to find where it was exactly. I thought it was Psalms 1, yet that couldn't be...I found it is Proverbs 1.
It never says "gang" exactly but it speaks on gang activities. "For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood." It warns you to not join them when somebody asks you to. It tells you that, by their deeds, they really kill themselves.

I have a dream, my dream...

I had a dream of a united front against fat, against being out of shape. More than a diet or battle against your body, this is about humanity as a unit. There was a leader and there were those who followed. It was in a kitchen. Wearing black, not to camouflage but to reveal their warrior spirit, spontaneously breaking out in squats, I had this dream, and it's still with me, as it was even before I had the dream.
Do not "fear fat." Use your strength, will and resources to combat a laziness and a greediness which causes excess fat. Be free from that epidemic known as obesity. Be free from that illness that leads to it. That's how God wants it!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

It's been too long

I can't go any longer without another post, so here it is! It's hard for me to concentrate right now and it's like everything is spinning out of my control but that is far from the truth; I'm still responsible for me and in control of my domain. Therefore, I won't let my standards subside. I will, however, hold off on what I want until another time.
With ♥
3ditor Chris

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Prisoner of ♥

I'm a prisoner of my love
For you
And with every single day, I learn
Somethin' new
It hurts, at least it feels like it does
Yet it makes no sense to reap pain from love
So I persevere knowing that,
With these growing pains,
I'm also going to gain
A break thru

Visit these sites..I do, a lot:

I click on all 15 or 16 of the causes you find at these that you can click for.

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Sneak Peek n2 "Friendly Dangerz" This is the beginning of Part I: "Raise Your Hand!" (just a taste)

I realized I needed to stop with the details. It was time to reel them in. “Gotta pep myself up though; these people are pretty stiff." Okay: “‘Communication is vital. That must be why this world is dying. People, more often than not, either don’t know how to communicate or don’t feel like putting any effort into communicating. In both cases, we really just don’t know the importance of communication. It’s so essential that our lives depend on it.’ I heard Mr. Elemi say this in class last week and all I could think was that he sure has a way with his words; the students also thought this. He is an English teacher who, no matter what, always gets his point across. When it came time for English, everybody would be in their seats long before the second bell rang. Needless to say, this current situation is saddening. Moreover, it was terrible to have to actually see him go. It hurts more to know that he didn’t leave because he retired; in fact, he had barely gotten started. Although Mr. Steven Elemi has only been teaching for five years, within those five years, he has become a legend. Now, he has been suspended. I made a complicated decision and helped that to happen, but it seemed that it was for the greater good. Everyone knows that Mr. Elemi will find peace. Still and all, the ignorance of modern society is appalling,” I said, with more passion than I ever expected. To Mr. Elemi, I am a wonderful teacher, and mother, and he does not blame me for anything. I just prayed that my passion was enough to persuade the Board to give him his job back.

“Sanit! Sanit! Get up! It’s seven o’ clock, come on now!” It was always such a hassle getting to school. “Why do you really think that you can stay up all night and still get out of high school?” Staying at Jennifer’s house doing nothing, those kids didn’t know anything about anything, and they didn’t even care. Sanit has been friends with Jennifer Caldwell practically forever but they were beginning to be detrimental to each other.

It was a bright Thursday morning in June. You would never think that it was pouring rain overnight. A new day means new obstacles to overcome, new challenges and therefore, new adventures. “My first class is not until second period but I need to meet with Principal Hammond before then,” I said. “Why?” Sanit asked. “Umm it is something serious, but not something of your concern,” I said. Sanit ate her favorite cereal, Rice Krispies, in record time. It really only took one minute. “I see you’re not sacrificing a bit of milk or sugar,” I joked. “So, Mom, did you sign my homework?” she managed to ask. “You mean your English homework?” I asked. “Mo-omm,” she whined. This is annoying. “Listen, if you hadn’t kept yourself at Jenny’s house so late, I would’ve signed it. I told you that the morning is not the time for this.” “That doesn’t make any sense. I did give it to you last night,” she stated. “I’ve spoken.” Sanit hated that. She thought I never listened to her, but when I did, all I’d hear is excuses. “Why can’t we just have a normal conversation?” she asked, not expecting a response. There was such silence until we walked into the school. “Have a good day,” I said. Sanit mumbled, “Like that’s possible,” as usual. We walked our separate ways down the halls of Montgomery Preparatory High School.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My Stance: Childrearing Pt. Un

I'd never ever want to give a kid everything they want because what kid really knows what they want? They only know their name 'cuz everybody calls them by it. They know their age because that's how many candles were on their birthday cake. They say they want "fancakes" because you give them pancakes. Yes, they have minds of their own and should be respected for it, but I can't dictate my life by a child!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I almost lost her FOREVER

Life is so precious. We never know how much time we have here. It's never too long. No matter how many times I've heard that, I still see hearts broken daily and miscommunication. I witness kids being misguided and friends parting ways. Evil abounds but goodness prevails..
The answer to "Where is the love?" and "When will people start caring for each other?" lies in each and every one of us. We all make things how they are now, and we all have to change it.
Growing up is accepting responsibility, for yourself and your life. It's a beautiful thing. It aint easy, but it's part of the FREEDOM that comes with being matter your age.
Tiffany Evans featuring Bow Wow: I'm Grown

Swine flew?

What is a swine flu? I have just as much of an idea of what swine flu is as I have of what a Twitter is. Apparently, once we're no longer hearing about salmonella being in watermelon, tomatoes and PEANUT BUTTER, we must be subjected to hearing about "mystery flu strains." Good things will come out of this. I'm sad to hear about the death toll, but now I must say, has anybody a greater sense of responsibility about random traveling?
So many schools take students out for trips to other countries - Costa Rican spring breaks (as my brothers' school was doing), Natalee Holloway's Aruban trip. When choosing to go/permit your child to go, shouldn't you take great care with that decision? When you choose to go through with it, you now risk your safety as well as the safety of whoever you're around. You could bring illness to people there, and they can give illness to you. Then, when you leave, you can bring it back and spread more. Most people don't jump in irrationally but many don't realize what is really at risk. It's seemingly a great opportunity, a fun adventure, a challenging mission...but then you're away from your family and in a "strange" place (place you don't usually go). You don't know what to expect!
"28 students at St. Francis Prep"? One school is what it started with here in New York. In Ohio, Kansas, Texas and California, I don't know. Then it spread to New Jersey and another school in NY, a public elementary school.
The jokes/forward emails and text messages being passed around are pretty horrible...from racist to crude.


This blog is one of divine order and intention. That is not to say that the writer(s) will be perfect or that everything stated will be fact (but if stated as a fact it will be). It just means that God is ordering our steps.
First, I believe that I was not just born in 1989 by accident, and I was not just allowed to be either; I believe that I was chosen to be born exactly when I was born, and grow up in a technological era and make the absolute most of it!
Second, I know this is something I can and will be great at because I know that I've been blessed with the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. It takes more than having an opinion and knowing how to type. It takes a servility, a humble spirit, knowing it's not all you. When we think we're so great, we fall because we no longer seek help and therefore don't receive the help that we needed to get to where we're going, the help that got us however far we already got.
Third, there will not be any tolerance for vulgarity because the human voice is so precious, and being sensitive to everybody's needs, I know that what everybody needs is to learn how to properly speak. Every voice should be heard.
Now that we know where we stand, it's time to blog(more)!


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