Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you in the closet?

I love the song, God in me, sung by Mary Mary and Kierra “Kiki” Sheard. At first listen, it may seem very non-gospel. It may sound, even, like blasphemy or indoctrination. Yet, when you listen with the ears of your spirit, you hear, “You think I’m so fresh/You think I’m so clean/You think I’m so sweet/It’s the God in me!” This song is all about giving God the glory, when everybody thinks your life is so perfect and you’re so great, it’s about sharing where all the greatness and blessings flow from, and speaks of all of the praying you do behind the closed doors of your home.

A lot of time, people don’t share that. It’s not necessarily even like saying, “My prayer time is my private business and nobody needs to know,” which is, for the most part, biblical. More often, it is like, “I’m so busy that I forgot to be sensitive to the fact that people should be aware that I’m living my life for and through Christ.” People see what we show. Are you showing a true testimony? No doubt, Christians want to be identified with Christ. There have, however, been many times when we’ve neglected opportunities to I.D. ourselves with the Lord! It’s about finding balance. You don’t want to be the one who stands in front of the people praying, because we know prayer is a reflection of something private and sacred that is not supposed to be for show, but just because we’re in the closet praying doesn’t mean no one should know that we pray, and definitely doesn’t mean it’s something shameful! Don’t deny the Lord and He won’t deny you.

I also, very deeply, appreciate the part of the song that KiKi Sheard sings solo. “What is it you think you see when you see me/You see me/You don’t know how much I pray/You don’t know how much I gave/You don’t know how much I’ve changed/I’m just trying to explain” People may really view you as so honest and charming even though you know God made you all you now are and you did not just come into this world like that. Sure, you may have had some nice characteristics, but honestly, we’re all born in sin. Don’t tell me I’m good. God is good. I know it’s not me, but, my willingness to submit to Him and His love, grace, mercy, statutes, Word, Will, Way, Truth and Life.

I don’t know a single person who has walked into a church and strongly and sincerely cried tears and sang and prayed to a Lord they didn’t know. That joy and fellowship comes with a relationship. A relationship with the Lord is one that changes your very nature immediately when you commit and enter into the relationship.

I was completely shy yet so self-absorbed. I was rude, bossy and disrespectful yet weak and confused. I did not feel comfortable being me but was a victim of society’s every whim. You may think I just “grew up” but that isn’t so. I still face problems daily; I’m not saying I suddenly became perfect but I am saying I became a new creature! I no longer think like I did, feel like I did, behave like I did, or want what I used to want. I, everyday, learn how to be me in this world, because I’m in this world, not of this world, so it says in John 17:14-15.

Other references: Matthew 6:6, Matthew 10:33, Luke 12:9, Romans 3:10-12, Romans 12:2

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