Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Childhood, an excerpt of something I've written

Childhood is something that implies you're going through a phase. Therefore, it's something that, when you're done with, all you have is memories and lessons, ... if you let go of the past, that is.

The memories I have are quite interesting.
I remember Disney World and Six Flags Great Adventures trips. I also remember a trip to the Poconos, a trip to Massachusetts and a trip to Tanglewood in Pennsylvania. I remember a couple of shopping outlet trips...I don't think I liked them very much at all because it was for the older, richer family members. I remember my sister, brother and cousin talking about the name brands of clothes they wanted to get. All I and my younger brother got was a long boring ride and after that, a long boring day of walking around while they and my mother shopped. I remember, one time, I got two t-shirts (the white, spagghetti-strapped underclothes type).
Even more special than all of these trips, were the trips made every Sunday. My whole family, packed into my mom's van, drove to church! We went and enriched our souls! That was family time - church time. We rarely were around each other like that at any other time. Back then, we could afford to do it all together, every Sunday, because we were alll very young still. Eventually, the eldest got married, and the second eldest moved out around the same time, but it was still very family-oriented. A good thing was, after church, we'd go out to eat together, and it wasn't at a drive-thru either.

In pre-k, there was a halloween thing where we wore costumes. I wanted to be Barney AND Simba. Then there was a Thanksgiving pilgrim parade where we dressed like Pilgrims. Then, there was an easter egg hunt, after we painted the eggs, of course. That year, my mom let me cross the street without holding her hand. It was a small street and there was not a lot of traffic, especially at that time of day, but it meant a lot to me when she let go and let me walk across to her parked car. Lastly, there was graduation day. I have pictures of that day to help me remember it but I've remembered it well regardless of them. Pictures remind you of the color of the balloon that flew away, and the size of the apple you were eating but nothing compares to feeling the warmth of the sun, posing for the actual pictures, feeling the excitement of graduating, and sharing that love with those around you.

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