Sunday, May 3, 2009


This blog is one of divine order and intention. That is not to say that the writer(s) will be perfect or that everything stated will be fact (but if stated as a fact it will be). It just means that God is ordering our steps.
First, I believe that I was not just born in 1989 by accident, and I was not just allowed to be either; I believe that I was chosen to be born exactly when I was born, and grow up in a technological era and make the absolute most of it!
Second, I know this is something I can and will be great at because I know that I've been blessed with the necessary skills and knowledge to do so. It takes more than having an opinion and knowing how to type. It takes a servility, a humble spirit, knowing it's not all you. When we think we're so great, we fall because we no longer seek help and therefore don't receive the help that we needed to get to where we're going, the help that got us however far we already got.
Third, there will not be any tolerance for vulgarity because the human voice is so precious, and being sensitive to everybody's needs, I know that what everybody needs is to learn how to properly speak. Every voice should be heard.
Now that we know where we stand, it's time to blog(more)!

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