Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sneak Peek n2 "Friendly Dangerz" This is the beginning of Part I: "Raise Your Hand!" (just a taste)

I realized I needed to stop with the details. It was time to reel them in. “Gotta pep myself up though; these people are pretty stiff." Okay: “‘Communication is vital. That must be why this world is dying. People, more often than not, either don’t know how to communicate or don’t feel like putting any effort into communicating. In both cases, we really just don’t know the importance of communication. It’s so essential that our lives depend on it.’ I heard Mr. Elemi say this in class last week and all I could think was that he sure has a way with his words; the students also thought this. He is an English teacher who, no matter what, always gets his point across. When it came time for English, everybody would be in their seats long before the second bell rang. Needless to say, this current situation is saddening. Moreover, it was terrible to have to actually see him go. It hurts more to know that he didn’t leave because he retired; in fact, he had barely gotten started. Although Mr. Steven Elemi has only been teaching for five years, within those five years, he has become a legend. Now, he has been suspended. I made a complicated decision and helped that to happen, but it seemed that it was for the greater good. Everyone knows that Mr. Elemi will find peace. Still and all, the ignorance of modern society is appalling,” I said, with more passion than I ever expected. To Mr. Elemi, I am a wonderful teacher, and mother, and he does not blame me for anything. I just prayed that my passion was enough to persuade the Board to give him his job back.

“Sanit! Sanit! Get up! It’s seven o’ clock, come on now!” It was always such a hassle getting to school. “Why do you really think that you can stay up all night and still get out of high school?” Staying at Jennifer’s house doing nothing, those kids didn’t know anything about anything, and they didn’t even care. Sanit has been friends with Jennifer Caldwell practically forever but they were beginning to be detrimental to each other.

It was a bright Thursday morning in June. You would never think that it was pouring rain overnight. A new day means new obstacles to overcome, new challenges and therefore, new adventures. “My first class is not until second period but I need to meet with Principal Hammond before then,” I said. “Why?” Sanit asked. “Umm it is something serious, but not something of your concern,” I said. Sanit ate her favorite cereal, Rice Krispies, in record time. It really only took one minute. “I see you’re not sacrificing a bit of milk or sugar,” I joked. “So, Mom, did you sign my homework?” she managed to ask. “You mean your English homework?” I asked. “Mo-omm,” she whined. This is annoying. “Listen, if you hadn’t kept yourself at Jenny’s house so late, I would’ve signed it. I told you that the morning is not the time for this.” “That doesn’t make any sense. I did give it to you last night,” she stated. “I’ve spoken.” Sanit hated that. She thought I never listened to her, but when I did, all I’d hear is excuses. “Why can’t we just have a normal conversation?” she asked, not expecting a response. There was such silence until we walked into the school. “Have a good day,” I said. Sanit mumbled, “Like that’s possible,” as usual. We walked our separate ways down the halls of Montgomery Preparatory High School.

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