Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine flew?

What is a swine flu? I have just as much of an idea of what swine flu is as I have of what a Twitter is. Apparently, once we're no longer hearing about salmonella being in watermelon, tomatoes and PEANUT BUTTER, we must be subjected to hearing about "mystery flu strains." Good things will come out of this. I'm sad to hear about the death toll, but now I must say, has anybody a greater sense of responsibility about random traveling?
So many schools take students out for trips to other countries - Costa Rican spring breaks (as my brothers' school was doing), Natalee Holloway's Aruban trip. When choosing to go/permit your child to go, shouldn't you take great care with that decision? When you choose to go through with it, you now risk your safety as well as the safety of whoever you're around. You could bring illness to people there, and they can give illness to you. Then, when you leave, you can bring it back and spread more. Most people don't jump in irrationally but many don't realize what is really at risk. It's seemingly a great opportunity, a fun adventure, a challenging mission...but then you're away from your family and in a "strange" place (place you don't usually go). You don't know what to expect!
"28 students at St. Francis Prep"? One school is what it started with here in New York. In Ohio, Kansas, Texas and California, I don't know. Then it spread to New Jersey and another school in NY, a public elementary school.
The jokes/forward emails and text messages being passed around are pretty horrible...from racist to crude.

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