Monday, July 27, 2009


I was talking with a friend from the past and he had no idea what it meant to be saved. He said, I believe in God and that He's everywhere and He's with me and watching over me so what do I need to be saved from? What did you get saved from?
He had thought that you get saved from actions/habits and situations.
Do you get saved from death? From drinking or cursing? Isn't it still everywhere everyday; don't you still have to face it? It's a process? So, do people go through this process forever??? He asked me repeatedly if I'm saved. I said yes.
I just imagine how many other people think this same way and do not grasp that it's being born again! It's Jesus being the sacrifice so that we can live in, through, with and for Him. You change, your heart changes, He comes to dwell in you.

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