Friday, August 21, 2009

Causes/Petitions...Where's your voice?

Everybody has an influence. Where's yours?
A lot of times, we don't see our position fully and we don't understand our roles in their entirety and our effect on others.
Start typing something a new way, like LoL, and you will soon see it a whole lot and even from people you don't know. That happened to me. Life is like that period. We're all teachers, and teachers never know when their influence ends, as someone once said. We all share this world and this history. Your life, world and story are my life, world and story and vice versa.
I encourage you to use your voice positively and one amazingly powerful way to start is with a petition. You can start one or/and sign one already in existence. Visit these great petition sites for the details:

A while ago, I made a post about a petition to put prayer back in school. It's still open for signing:

You can help many of our(mine and yours) friends by signing the dream act:

And drumroll:

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