Monday, August 17, 2009

Reach up to Life and Prosperity in Christ.

In October of last year, I had a dream. There were clouds in the sky. It was a bright blue sky. One cloud was of a dress, like the ones they show on ladies' restroom doors. An even bigger one was the back of a quarter - an eagle and such. I also saw a symbol of something else but I don't think it was in the clouds. I wondered, why is this and what does this mean?
There were currently two women in the political news spotlight - former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, who was still governor then and was running for vice-president and firstlady Michelle Obama, who was just wife of then presidential candidate Barack Obama at that time. I believed the dress represented one of them, as far as who would win. I can only assume, but with wisdom, that it was Michelle Obama because not only have I never seen Sarah Palin in a dress to date but Obama's attire has been a mainstay in the news.
I was concerned about power play and remembered the quote, "Absolute power corrupts, absolutely." Was this dream about America placing money over everything? Why were they there, so big, in the clouds over the country? What was the other symbol?
It was something I had, soon after, seen on vh1...
I recognized it immediately. If you can't see, it says, "The United States of Hip Hop" and "Hip Hop Honors." Isn't it interesting how they have the eagle like the back of a quarter?
VH1 hosted this show and my brother watched. During the show, they had a lot of conversations and comments pertaining to the presidential election. Eventually, I stopped watching due to lack of interest.
Recently, as I still have not understood this dream, the revelation came to me that we've got to reach up. Our best life is Like clouds floating above our heads, a lot of people have need and their blessing is right above them yet not just monetarily. As God is our help and always reachable, all we have to do is reach up! Read Luke 12:31 and Matthew 6:33. Those verses tell you to seek Him and His kingdom first. Jesus said our Father knows our about our needs. Our God knows we need to eat and drink so have no doubt just seek Him and His kingdom and His righteousness and we'll get it!
Aren't we now, all of these months later after that dream, in need of those things? Since that dream, there's been a recession. God's word is still true, as it will forever be! Reach up and let the blessings pour down.

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