Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slightly reflective, non-uniform inspiration for the day

If there's anything that you want to do, do it because you never know, in life, you may only have that one opportunity to do it. You really never know what will be here later so don't automatically assume you can always do things later. Even at home, how many times did I see something of mine, something I'd wondered about where it'd disappeared to and even if I just leave for a couple of minutes, if I left it there, it'd be gone again!? Too many times to count!! It'd only resurface if I asked somebody else about it or searched the entire house...or waited for years.
You know how something's always there except for when you need it the most?? It's always crazy when it happens but it tells two things:

--If that place you last had it in was not the proper place for it, you now know the importance of keeping things in a set, appropriate spot.

--If it was where it was supposed to be, maybe you just need to put more thought into what you do. Now, are you going to want to find it?? Are you going to search until you do?? Are you going to just give up and yell at everybody for touching your stuff?? Are you going to be resourceful and find another way to do whatever you wanted to do with the item you have yet to locate?? That'd mean you'd be using different instruments, yes, but perhaps, finding out that the new way is better or, at least, strengthening your flexibilty, knowledge, resourcefulness and creativity. Will it influence you to choose to be more organized than you thought you were?? Will it influence you to choose to pay more attention??

As my mom would say, "Look for it" (for what you're missing). "But mom I can't find it," you say??
Well, God says, Seek and you shall find!!

Every day matters.

Even if you graduate high school and you see the same people and even do some of the same things, you can't ever get back those times in lab or those moments in the cafeteria and hallways or the times in classrooms when it wasn't during class but you were there for some other reason with some people. In high school, people think about the schooling but what's most important to your growth is what happens when you're not in class. These are the times you can just be you and you learn and develop into a stronger, wiser you throughout the years. Hopefully. The opportunities are there to do so but some people resist change.
By change, I mean that you learn to wear exactly what you feel like instead of what you think others will like; you hang out with whoever you should, maybe even with everybody, instead of being clique-ish. You're just more of an individual because you've been placed in trillions of situations where you've learned the importance of being able to make your decisions and that nobody else is able to do that for you. You know and trust yourself more and care less about what other people think about superficial things like the clothes you wear but you actually care more about what others think about you for real things...like how you've recovered from a break-up beautifully, maintaining respect and dignity. Sometimes, we learn through observation or through listening to other people's stories but sometimes, things happen and we realize there's so much to learn about it that we had not known before.

There are lessons to be learned in every thing.
Learn and live.

*Start writing!!
*Join the basketball team!!
*Be an active member of student government!!
*Study for your Regents (NY and CA) so you can attain an Advanced Regents Diploma with Honors!!
*For those who didn't know there was such a thing, go visit a guidance counselor..that'll make them do their job!!
*Attend homecoming, at least one school dance and go to other school events, like dinners!!
*Go to prom!!
*Really clean your room!!
*Go to a new restaurant you've been wanting to go to!!
*Be somebody's valentine (even your own valentine...I was in 2005)!!
*Read a new, good book (click that for my suggestion of one)!!

What are you going to do??

*Go to school!
*Re-type your resume!
*Get promoted!

Set yourself up for happiness and happiness is what you will attain. What I mean is, do not think you can be happy if you're not contibuting to your happiness bank. Follow the formula...the Way (Jesus).

When you attain that happiness, grab it and live it. You can do these things! At least, right now, I know & promise that you can!! As for later, who knows??

Other things you can do:

*Talk to a grandparent.
No matter what happens, you'll always have that special moment & you can learn so much from them.

*Join an art club. Or dance group. Or drama club. Or cooking class. Or fitness gym. Or music class or band. Or book club. Or BINGO club. Or writing workshop.

*Create a club if there aren't any you want to join, by finding out what interests your friends. Maybe you've all been wanting the same things; help each other.

*Listen to some new music, that you usually wouldn't (Your brother's ipod, for example). You may love it.

*Put inspirational things all around you...things that drive you and focus you and move you, heart & mind & soul (Quotes, pictures of a house you'd like to live in, pictures of something you'd like to do, poems, a list of what you want to do in your life, pics of family).

*Give!! Donate!! Even reading to a child for an hour is very giving. Be there for somebody. Our lives really never are about ourselves - it's about our God, and everybody, as whole.

*Get new curtains or comfortable shoes. Maybe you want a new speaker system.

*Be a photographer. Record music. Wtie a novel or other form of literature. Anything & everything.

*Genuinely compliment others.

*Learn a new game/sport. Or, a new language. How about sign language, anybody?!?

*Walk. Walk further in the direction you usually walk or walk in a completely different direction than you usually walk. Stop along the way if you so choose, to do a little bit of shopping or stop in the diner to eat a 4-course meal (well, take some of it home for later!!).

*Try a new hairstyle.

*Attend a health fair and collect information..and pens and key chains.

*Dress up the teddy bears that are lying around with the cute but broken sunglasses that you couldn't bear to let go of, your graduation cap, an old corsage, your glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets, beaded necklaces or eyemasks from a party.

Again, what will you do??

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