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How was your first decade of the century??

In response to So How Was Your Decade?

What a decade to GROW UP in, I thought on New Years Eve. Filled with hope and wonder, I entered the year 2000 at the age of ten! I wasn't a baby but I was not an adult. Once March came around, I turned eleven, making me, at present, almost 21!

We had a computer in the house but the internet was some phenomenon that I'd never seen and there were no such thing as everyday cell phone usage.

In late 2003, around the time I started high school, the house phone was turned off by my parents. Everybody in the house, except me and my younger brother, bought cell phones; so did everyone everywhere else..but I'm sure their house phone was still on Lol

TRL was a big part of my youth but it has since died. Thank God that Carson Daly is now healthy. Most of us have fond memories of the show to this very moment. I don't know why it started going downhill or why it had to DIE but the memories are good enough. It was good while it lasted. I just hope MTV continues to give their audience such platfoms to be heard. Speaking of health, the best boy band (lol) Backstreet Boys have managed to still be together after all this time, minus Kevin (well, he was the oldest) && A.J. is now healthy as well and has been for several years now!! God is good!! Brian's heart is healthy but he actually had a bout with the swine flu in '09. A great memory of 2000 was Conan O' Brien's skit on Late night with Conan O' Brien,"In the year two-thooouuusannnnddd." So, if you've never seen that, you should. Here's a new one, the year 3000!!

To cap off the pop culture section, I'd just like to remind, TRL gave us stuff like Tom Green's "My bum is on the wall, my bum is on the wall, my bum is on the swedish" as well as Britney Spears in her prime.

The year 2000 itself was a tremendous and terrible year. I experienced changes in family, the birth of another nephew (making it 3 nephews and 1 niece), the death of a friend, graduating elementary school, that time in a young girl's life when she's considered a woman, listened to radio disney like all the time and took random travels in the summer with my sister/roommate. Even so, I considered 2000 my favorite year, that is, until 2007 came along. 2007 held the new record after it came and went. From the people in my life, great relationships built, sense of freedom, happiness and independence, turning 18, graduating high school, being in a debutante ball (as an escort but a beautiful experience nonetheless), it was a good year.
Now, I consider this to be my favorite year.

I went through all of my teen years in a decade with no name LoL

Disaster struck here not long after the turn of the century, with the "terrorist attacks." Coverage of it was all that was on television for at least a month. I was just twelve; I sure felt it but I didn't get it. Driving by, my mother and I'd always thought, "It's dangerous how tall these buildings are. They build all of these skyscrapers but what if they came down?" It had.
Ms. Stephanie Irby, who went to church with my eldest sister and whose niece my mother babysat (my mother runs a daycare in the house) passed away in the catastrophe.

I'd been in there once. I went on a school trip in 3rd grade and we went to the top! It took so long to get to the top. I was scared, of the heights. What if somebody pushed somebody? Needless to say, I have had a few dreams/nigthmares about it since Lol but not in the past few years.
One Sunday, my family and I were going to church but somehow, we wound up in Central Park. I ate an ice cream bar. We were going to go to the Statue of Liberty but missed the last ferry out. My brothers and me took pictures in front of The World Trade Center. I wanted to go in again, this time with my family. Didn't happen.
My dad actually helped to rebuild one of the towers after the bombing in '93. Now, he's retired from pipefitting. He only does construction around the house. He still teaches Bible class, preaches and is a photographer, though.

My sister who I shared a room with is now married with a daughter who just turned 5.
On that note, I now have 3 nieces and 3 nephews from my 3 older sisters. My oldest nephew is now a sophomore in high school. He actually went to school with his uncle (my younger brother) for one year [last year] because my brother was a senior and my nephew was a freshman!
My mom hasn't changed (still doing childcare), except for in my eyes, as far as how I see her as a person.

I often wish I could go back to that time in my life - the year 2000 - and educate myself and encourage myself and not make the same mistakes. Some mistakes leave scars and it doesn't feel right moving on, even after you've taken all the lessons you could from the situation.
A lot of my dreams came true as well, though. I danced for about a year at a dance school in the community. I'd always wanted to dance. I did tap and modern and had a recital for tap. Flash forward to 2005, I was doing so much I enjoyed - running track, playing basktball and sitting in a room in highschool with other dancers, eating pizza while watching a tape of the talent show we'd just performed. I had a best friend, named Ashley. She's since gone to North Carolina for college and moved to Kentucky.

I don't even want to get into guys but they played a big part of the decade.

I found peace in the last decade...God's peace not the peace of the world. I've also seen the lowest of lows. All-in-all, I lost and refound myself in the last decade.
This decade is now about getting back on track to where God has always wanted me. He's faithful and has always been with me...but I was not always with Him, even though that hope and wonder I spoke of have never gone away.
Remembering myself dancing in the mirror and taking a picture last night when trying on the dress I bought for my 21st birthday, I'd say things are going well.
Again, what a decade to grow up in?! He got me through it!!

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