Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teen Indie Film, TO SAVE A LIFE

I've always loved movies but haven't been one to make many trips to the theater. All of that has been changing since 2008 and changed dramatically in 2009 (I made twelve trips and saw eleven movies last year..I had to walk out on one after seeing how it was). This year, I've already made three trips and seen four movies. All of this movie-going has made me think about a lot of things and I've refused, time and again, to see certain movies after I've read inappropriate things about them in the parent advisories.

"We're not thirteen," my friends say but I will stand by this and read parent advisories before I see a film because we have to watch what we allow into our thoughts. One embarrassing event led me to start this practice: I was seeing 21 in April 2008 with four young men and they made me feel uncomfortable with the way they reacted when a bar scene came up and a girl was not wearing as much as she should have been. Since then, I've vowed to myself to never let it happen again. Now, I am extremely selective with what I see..and sometimes people don't like me for it. It's not just about me, though. When a friend was going to take his six-year-old nephew to see Avatar, I told him that since it has profanity, I didn't think he should (besides what I'd read, the boy had gotten in trouble a couple of times in the past for using profanity so I saw it as too much of a negative influence and commentators on boundless were adamant about it not being for children).

In a country that is screaming, "Avatar," a new movie is starting a movement, although most people have not even heard of it yet. A few weeks ago, I came across this treasure while looking for movie times of A Christmas Carol. I looked this new movie up on imdb and parentpreviews (like I usually do) because it immediately was piquing my interest. After everything I found, I knew for certain that I wanted to see it and wrote down the movie title on my calendar for its January 22nd release date. What is this movie already, you ask??

Touching on many major issues that teenagers of today face and deal with, this movie shows a different kind of response and awakens people to how powerful their actions can be and how important their choices are as well as how everlasting God's love is for everyone.

Read this:
Teen Indie Film, TO SAVE A LIFE, Debuts With Impressive Numbers on Opening Weekend -- OCEANSIDE, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/

Watch Free Webinar here

Myself, my younger brother and two friends were among the thousands of viewers who went to see To Save a Life the first day. In NYC, the theater closest to me that it was playing in was in Manhattan at AMC's Empire 25 so we made the trip. After many events, we missed the 4:20 showing I'd planned on...so we saw Legion (I don't recommend it but it has many biblical references) at the theater across the street until To Save a Life was playing again.

There have been countless stories and tweets to show the direct impact the movie has had on its viewers.

The movie website lists help for teens here and for adults who care about teens here.

Cool things you can do on the spread the word page of the movie site include customizing your Facebook pic as I did:

Click here to find the theater nearest to you that is playing it or
here to bring it to your community!!

As far as theater movies, I think the most buzz has been about Avatar (especially the fact that they beat out Titanic - by the same director, James Cameron - as the most commercially successful film of all time), Shaun Robinson reporting they made $1,858,866,889 worldwide. The best reviews of Avatar are about its artistic value. Now, I know for a fact that Avatar was an idea that the creators had to keep in a drawer for several years until they had the technology to produce it; after the work put into it, I'm glad it's artistic. I've heard that it's cultural and that people have cried. I've heard it was good but I also heard that it wasn't all that great...

I was seeing a negative trend of movies that were all rated R in the theater but the two I'd seen so far this year were offering a hope: Sherlock Holmes (PG-13) and The Blind Side (PG-13}.

The only other movie was The Princess and the Frog, which has a PG rating but is not appealing with the voodoo throughout. The two I saw weren't perfect, with violence and drinking in both as well as one scene of profanity in The Blind Side. Yet, they were still refreshing as compared to the others that I've refused to see!! Now, To Save a Life has truly restored a new hope and another movie that seems like it will be positive is Extraordinary Measures (out now). Letters to God (April 9) should be worth seeing as well and is also based on a true story, like The Blind Side and Extraordinary Measures.

So, whether it's a day to get out with your friends who you haven't seen in a while or just to see a great Christian film, think of To Save a Life...it'll inspire you!!

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