Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Lord's Day

A lot of people believe that on one day of the week, they are supposed to be "on their best behavior." They may believe they have faith everyday but with a close look, they could see, they will listen to certain music everyday except the Sabbath and hang around certain people everyday save the Sabbath. This is something I saw in myself a couple of times and it is not good, I'd catch myself not wanting to do something when I'd had no problem with it another day. Acknowledging the Sabbath does not mean something is okay one day and not the's either right or wrong, regardless of the day of the week! So, take a moment to ask, "Is what I'm doing right now something I wouldn't do tomorrow??" If so, "What makes it okay today??"


The following are words spoken by people who nearly died or did die and came back:
People talk about unconditional love. It doesn't exist but it existed there.
A dream won't affect the rest of my life and this has changed my whole life.
I'm not sure that scientists can explain it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they cannot.
I don't really have the words to tell you, in the English language, the peace and the love I felt that night.
I guess it's sad to get to the point that God has to strike you down in order to get your attention. I used to be hard-hearted. I used to judge people. Now, I can't judge people.
Michaela Roser
Doug _______
Mary Jo Rapini
Jerry Baldwin

Watching "I Was Dead" on Discovery Health Channel on Sunday, February 21st put things about life ((and death)) into perspective.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Come as you are

It's not in the Bible.
I sat there in a 3/4 sleeve cowl-necked black sweater with a colorful argyle design on the front and a long black skirt. It was Sunday afternoon and I'd realized, I wasn't going to church and thus, had been dressed all day for no reason. "Maybe that's why some people come to church wearing whatever they already had on," I thought, because it was not my usual dress and I was not comfortable wearing a skirt if I wasn't going to church.
Then, I thought of the "come as you are" slogan most people use. We tell people, come to church just as you are and we wouldn't dare say anything if someone is not all dressed up because what's most important is that they are there. "Come as you are" means don't wait for somebody's approval, don't wait until you can visit the hair salon, don't worry about if the colors of your shoes are out of season. God sees your heart and we must remain naked before the Lord. Don't get wrapped up in impressing people and putting up an image and forgetting who already knows everything you feel and loves you anyway, from the inside out. It's a most personal thing, a relationship with the Lord and it's the realest thing.
Love God. Love your neighbors.
The Bible may not say, come as you are but it does say that God is not willing that any should perish.
So, let us all run to God and be dressed in His love.

Take this fun quiz: Proverbs or Shakespeare. Time to go read because I got 3/10 wrong.
Another good quiz: Brief Bible Quiz

Saturday, February 13, 2010

To whom it may concern (you know who you are):

I miss you. You were just starting to live. Happiness was your middle name. You'd seen struggles but your smile would never change. These days, lonely and lost you are but I want you to is never far. You have a purpose, you still do. You are worth it, I promise you. Things aren't always easy but God makes a way, believe me. His Word is true. Always; He said it won't fade. You're heaping problem upon problem on your head, stop and think about it; come rest in His shade. You'll find His peace again. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Don't turn to the side, don't slip further behind. God promotes His children in His kingdom but in Him we must abide! Love never strays or it wasn't really for you to begin with. Since God has forgiven you, you're forgiven. A season of hope that will never end in Him. Rejoice and be of good courage...look up and just worship. For God is love and the greatest love will be found in His Son. It's cold, looking out, seeing troubles of life but He blankets your heart like the snow outside. One last thing I must say before this letter's through - happy Valentine's day to you!!

**This is a poem I just wrote, knowing the sadness people have been carrying year-round, year in and year out, especially now that it is valentine's time and really, I was writing about myself because we all go through changes but Jesus never changes so I pray you are inspired and encouraged.**

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Call your State Senator and Assembly Member toll free at 1-800-525-2846 and tell them to defend marriage as the union of one man/one woman and not to change the definition of "male" and "female."

If you would like to join the battle to defend marriages, go to

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abe Lincoln


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