Monday, February 22, 2010

Come as you are

It's not in the Bible.
I sat there in a 3/4 sleeve cowl-necked black sweater with a colorful argyle design on the front and a long black skirt. It was Sunday afternoon and I'd realized, I wasn't going to church and thus, had been dressed all day for no reason. "Maybe that's why some people come to church wearing whatever they already had on," I thought, because it was not my usual dress and I was not comfortable wearing a skirt if I wasn't going to church.
Then, I thought of the "come as you are" slogan most people use. We tell people, come to church just as you are and we wouldn't dare say anything if someone is not all dressed up because what's most important is that they are there. "Come as you are" means don't wait for somebody's approval, don't wait until you can visit the hair salon, don't worry about if the colors of your shoes are out of season. God sees your heart and we must remain naked before the Lord. Don't get wrapped up in impressing people and putting up an image and forgetting who already knows everything you feel and loves you anyway, from the inside out. It's a most personal thing, a relationship with the Lord and it's the realest thing.
Love God. Love your neighbors.
The Bible may not say, come as you are but it does say that God is not willing that any should perish.
So, let us all run to God and be dressed in His love.

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