Friday, March 12, 2010

Another letter in my inbox

World News & Prophecy
March 11, 2010 - The Morning Star of Prophecy

Dear World News and Prophecy Subscriber,

For 47 years I have been a student of Bible prophecy. There are times when one sees a flash of light that clearly defines the prophetic landscape. I wonder if this is such a time.

For nearly two years a financial crisis has redefined the United States and Europe. A mortgage bubble burst and exposed deep problems among top banks and financial institutions. Wall Street nearly collapsed in September 2008. Government bailouts prevented complete collapse but resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars of additional debt. The U.S. debt load is spiraling upward and threatens to destroy America's once preeminent role of world superpower. Unless the increased debt is stopped, America is headed toward economic serfdom. Creditor nations will dictate its future.

Europe is seeing its own challenges. Iceland has defaulted on its debt. Greece could be next unless someone, like Germany, steps in to prop up its economy. Other EU member states, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Portugal, could follow. The EU appears to be in a crisis that will force changes to its current configuration. Germany, Europe's strongest nation, is in a key position to expand its historic influence. Melvin Rhodes covers this in more detail in the cover article for this issue.

Since age 12 I have been aware that a German-led Europe would one day play a key role in end-time prophecy. Maintaining an alert awareness of this has admittedly been a challenge. Youth, marriage and family commitments, as well as keeping up with a demanding career, tug and pull on one's focus. But this idea has never left my mind.

So as I have watched this current financial crisis unfold, I have realized we may have a front-row seat to events long foretold in the books of Daniel and Revelation. The role of the English-speaking nations, led by Great Britain and the United States, is in decline. This was prophesied. A European-centered colossus is rising that will play a pivotal role in events leading to the return of Jesus Christ. This, too, is prophesied.

When astute observers of world politics begin to sound these same themes with an eye to history, it makes you stand up and take notice. What I heard as a child, and what I study and write about today, is coming to pass. It makes me wonder just how close we are to the culmination of these prophecies.

Peter, writing about prophecy, may have had this in mind. "And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts" (2 Peter 1:19). The closer we come to the time, the clearer we will see and understand certain prophecies—as a "light that shines in a dark place."

Watching and understanding such prophecies is a challenge. I find it a paradox that in our globally connected, social Web world, we can know what happens in virtually any part of the world, yet we are not able to understand what it all means and what it tells us about our future. We can know anything globally, yet we place our focus on what is local. Technology connects us, but it does not by itself give us understanding. For that, we must turn to the Bible.

As events continue to fulfill end-time prophecy, it is important we keep our eyes focused on the One who is guiding and directing all events. Jesus Christ, the true Morning Star (Revelation 22:16), will give us understanding of what it all means.

Keep watching,
Darris McNeely
Managing editor
World News & Prophecy

Friday, March 5, 2010

Prayer for the Youth

In my inbox, there was this message:

Dear Christina,

"Brothers and Sisters, you must come out! Come out to your parents, come out to your friends, if indeed they are your friends, come out to your neighbors, come out to your fellow workers. Once and for all, let's break down the myth and destroy the lies and distortions. For your sake, for their sake. For the sake of all the youngsters who've been scared." - Harvey Milk

The day is almost here. On March 10th, undocumented youth all over this country will finally come out the shadows and lay claim to their own futures launching us into our week of action, the National Coming out of the Shadows week (March 15th to the 21st). No longer will we let ourselves be intimidated, scared and ashamed. We have worked long and hard, we have risen to meet every challenge and we have made this country a better place for all. And yet, we are relegated to live in fear. So let us come out and end this fear.

Yes, we are undocumented. We do not have those nine magic numbers. We are without papers. But we are not and have never been without identities, without dreams, without hope for the future. The time is NOW to claim our identities, our country, our rights, and our dreams.

And it begins with YOU. It is your time to come out as an undocumented youth. But you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of promising young people, just like yourself, are making the decision to come out with you. Together, we are coming out of the shadows, leaving behind the fear and the broken promise of the American Dream. We are empowering ourselves to seek a better future, a future in which we are respected, in which our families live with dignity, in which our American Dream is possible.

We know that coming out as undocumented is a terrifying thought for many of us. But we also know that the experience is empowering and liberating for each of us, as well as for all of us as a community. We have created a guide to coming out to help you work through your fears and come up with coming out plan that is right for you. You can find that guide here. Additionally, you can contact us for help in planning your coming out. We are here to support each other through this process!

We have prepared a guide to help you get going, in addition to different levels of coming out, check it out here: Coming out, A How to Guide.


Mohammad Abd
Online and Youth Organizer | Manager

Need 1 to 1 support? Call me at 1.800.596.7498 or

I pray for the youth for this very reason. Will you pray with me?

Dear heavenly Father, I know You are looking lovingly on Your children who are lost, please be with the children of the world, healing their internal wounds and bring them closer to You and Your love. Let them grow to know that they don't need to label themselves with identities of this world but to only know Your Son, our Savior. Father, please break down these tricks of the enemy and let them not touch the children, protect them even from the thoughts that try to creep into their minds. Lord, my nephews and nieces belong to You. The children in the daycare I work at and the children my mom takes care of are known to You. The students in the schools who are being indoctrinated are created by You and You know them all inside and out, their hearts and their weaknesses, their strengths and their trials. Please bring the right influences into their lives to help them see there is another Way and that He is the only way to freedom and true independence. We can feel free to be ourselves only as we grow in relationship with You. God, You have helped me to keep in my heart, "And be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." and You have brought me through my childhood, even now on the eve of my twenty-first birthday, so please also be the ever-present help that they will call on and be saved.

Heartbreak Love Poem

A lot of times, we forget that certain things can also be taken from us just like they were given to us. Relationships may break up and jobs may not last but God is still sovereign. We should thank God for what He gives but also, never neglect to thank Him for what He takes away.

Therefore, I took a moment and wrote a love poem to the Lord for giving me peace despite what I had lost. The thing is, we can thank God not only for what He is blessing us with but also what we are living without because He is the one helping us to live without it!!!

Because of You Lord,
I see I can be me
Stay in peace
Serve You wholly
Just trusting You
I knew I could and should
But didn't know how
You showed me the Way

... say to those with fearful hearts, "Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you." - Isaiah 35:4


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