Tuesday, April 6, 2010

40 Days of Psalm 119 - Day 1

Throughout these forty days, I will share my observations and most of all, Scriptural truths.

Today, we will go through the whole chapter, which is, in fact, the longest psalm and longest chapter in the entire canonized Bible. The King James Version is used.
This is important because it is often viewed as a prayer thanking God for instruction, more specifically, the Torah. The words way(s), law, testimony(ies), precepts, statutes, commandment(s), judgment(s) and word(s) appear all throughout. Ordinances appears once.
  • Twenty-two stanzas long, Psalm 119 is just one of many acrostic poems in the Bible.
Each stanza is represented by another letter of the Hebrew alphabet, in order. Within each stanza, there are eight verses, each beginning with the corresponding Hebrew letter.
  • Ashrei temimei darech = Happy are those whose way is perfect.
The former is what Psalm 119 is referred to as in Hebrew and the latter is a translation.
  • "LORD" is said twenty-four times.
Talking to God, the psalmist asks Him many things, tells Him many things and praises Him.

We will go deeper into these truths and many more in the next 39 days.

A lesson for the day: Remember to never separate the Commander and the commandment.


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