Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poem about destiny/grabbing life by the horns

People always think and assume that they can do things the way the want to
But today's the day I've realized I've got to wait in order for this to work
Because, see, I'm tired of being worn out,
Wondering where my life's going to lead me now
I know I've got to take control
And that's it
There's nothing left now that I've finally found out
My head is often filled with thoughts
And I often tell myself I'm wrong for the way I feel
But I know the deal
What I feel is real
My inner voice, my inner dreams
They don't coincide with anything that's happening in my reality
My inner hopes, my inner soul
Reveal a me you've never known
It's the me I want to, need to show
Because it's me and it's my life
I get one chance to do this right
And the only One Who keeps me up is the Lord
One day, one Way
I'm the only one who makes the choice on where I go
And I know where I want to, need to go

I wrote this poem during 2006, toward the end of the year. I was seventeen years old and it relates to the post on Day 4 of Psalm 119. It's clearly about coming-of-age, accepting personal responsibility, facing truth, following the way and living purposely. Failed relationships is what often leads young people to examine themselves and such was the case in the time I wrote the poem. It's that teenage angst (confusion, conflict) that made me write it and I see it when I read it but to God be the glory that when You follow Him, the path keeps moving forward. There are no dead ends in Christ!! He's a Redeemer!!


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