Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Gospel

The Gospel is here for the lost. When you've been saved by Jesus Christ, you follow Him and "carry" your cross daily, forsaking yourself and worldly desires for those of God's kingdom! However, don't forget, you already heard the gospel and it is still here because people are still here who do not have it. We are not a religion but a faith and faith comes from God through the Gospel and the Word. There are still people who see nothing but pain and hypocrisy, hearts that have never been healed but only stitched back up by false hope and unhealthy relationships, minds that are medicated rather than renewed.
I have to say, I am only here because of Christ. If it were not for our wonderful Savior and it was just up to us, I'd have died a lost soul because I, too have suffered and still even to this day I struggle with the same issues as the rest of the human race. Yet, as a dear childhood friend of mine has recently passed away, I must point out, this world is not permanent and these issues are not everlasting..but our souls in eternity will be. Who do you want to spend eternity with?? There are two choices in life, life and death. When we die, we are either with or apart from our Creator and Savior. Covenants are made with blood and the Blood is just as transforming as it was on the day that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was nailed to that cross at Calvary. My choice is life and freedom in Christ. Some people don't even know they have this choice.
Our example (what people see us do) helps to either encourage or discourage people who do know the Truth but are in a battle with themselves. The same way we help, we also hurt each other. Stop the hurt. Jesus heals all wounds and mends the brokenhearted. Thank You, Father.


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