Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Above all, God is love and His Spirit gives joy and His Word gives life

Take time to turn off the television (and music and other entertainment) and, in said time, do all that you've put off, and maintain a mindset of worshiping all the while. We have but so much time left. Life on this earth is short anyway but especially in these "great and terrible" last days. It doesn't need to be so terrible! Devote all time to God in heart, soul, mind, spirit, truth, strength. Be somebody and don't let your name die. Make memories by working hard, loving God & others and doing better every single day. Keeping yourself filled with the Spirit, have joy, peace and righteousness. Ours is but filthy rags. God is in control. Give God your all, lay it out. What He has to give is far greater!


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