Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Deem you to Move and Be Still

We have probably all, at one time or another, felt the way I did when I expressed the following sentiments so let's share and add encouraging words to follow.

-- "Am I wrong for not even trying, wrong for not wanting to be bothered? I get stressed and I do get overwhelmed and I feel careless and selfish and worthless and what's left at the end of it all..after the shell of human shallowness has been broken what always was and always will be and that's You and me." --

God doesn't just want work done "in His name" but for His name to be written on our hearts and our names in His Book!! It all starts at the cross, on our knees, in our spiritual relationship with Him. Let the joy of the Lord be our strength so that we will not grow weary in well doing and will not faint but will reap in the end. His yoke is easy and burden is light and we are to take up our cross daily and be laborers for Christ. Just as we have died to sin through faith in Him, we reap resurrection in Him. He wants His beautiful Bride.


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