Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New Season of life

First, let me tell you why any of this is important:
As a Christian, we should all care when it comes to sickness and health. Healing is a big part of the New Testament of the Bible as we read that Jesus healed multitudes just about everywhere He'd go and now, post-resurrection, we can all claim healing in His name and speak it into others' lives.

As far everything else I am going to say, I just wanted to share God's love being expressed through these triumphs in my life because we should only boast about what He has done to us as our righteousness is as filthy rags. I am sharing with you opportunities in this post that I found today and I hope you can take interest in them.

On September the 1st, 2010 (wow, 2 weeks!), I am finally starting my college classes to become a middle school English teacher. Financial aid information led me to research scholarships again, as I did way back in high school. I came across a few that I am determined to pursue. At, I found a woman's scholarship, a minorities' scholarship and a blogging scholarship. Once I start school and accumulate my GPA, I am set. All I need to do otherwise is write an essay for each scholarship entry. See, FAFSA is just one part because school is an investment, an expense.

The blogging scholarship mentions nominating a friend with a blog if you don't have one yourself and that got me thinking! How many of us rely on blogs to cheer us up, inform us, entertain us, keep us feeling sociable and motivate us? There have to be many blogs that you have come across and thought, 'Wow, this person is doing special things here.' I know I've come across many blogs and bloggers just like that! Who would you nominate? Go to the link and do so at your next opportunity, why don't you??

Reading about past winners of the blogging scholarship brought me to Now, I have always thought they had cool items to buy on thebreastcancersite, thehungersite, etcetera but never had the money. Well, I do now! I saw items on thebreastcancersite that say they fund 1% of a mammogram. For a minute, I took that to mean that 1% of the purchase funds mammograms but that, according to its wording, cannot be so. Either way, check it all out for yourself and see a few of my faves below (most of these items are geared toward women but please remember that breast cancer does affect both genders and that even if a man is without cancer and even if you, regardless of your gender, never have had the disease and don't know anyone who has had breast cancer, it's more than okay to support health and recovery from it through purchasing these products for yourself or for someone else)!
The "Celebrate Courage" ring

Hope Faith Love Silicone Bracelet
That, along with many bracelet sets on the site are buy 1 get 1 free/buy 10 get 10 free/buy 100 get 100 free, including the one below.

The "Leave the rest to God" bracelet

Pink Ribbon casual socks

In the Pink 2011 calendar

Pink Ribbon Filigree Baseball Hat

"Angels Watching Over You" Pink Titanium Ring
Except that the best parts are on the inside and the ring sizes available at the moment are only 6 and 10, this is quite lovely.

Pink Ribbon Insulated Cooler
Breast Cancer Site Canvas Tote Bag

Pink Ribbon Messenger Bag

Pink Ribbon Hardy Lunch Tote

Iridescent Dove & Cross Necklace

Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often Grande Ceramic Mug

Pink Ribbon LED Calculator

Pink Ribbon Quick-Dri Sport Tee

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Friends Baseball Hat

Unity & Strength Pink Ribbon Ring

"SuperCozy Pink Ribbon Jacket"

Flower Festival Pink Ribbon Baseball Hat

Pink Ribbon Two-Toned Hooded Zip Sweatshirt

Classic Pink Ribbon Baseball Hat

Live, Love, Laugh Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Flower Festival Pink Ribbon T-Shirt

"Strength Beyond Measure" Pink Ribbon Bracelet

"Life is Fragile" Cuff Bracelet

"Held in Love" Heart Bracelet
Celebrate Your Faith Lariat Necklace

"Love is Patient and Kind" Bracelet

"Wheresoever You Go" Necklace
Pink Ribbon Two-Toned Rain Jacket

Pink Ribbon Bag Clips

Pink Ribbon Multifunctional Penholder

That's what I got, two of 'em. It will help me keep track of writing utensils that I am using at the given moment and also keep track of time passed. The second is for someone who needs a little time to be still and write and be organized in the process because she has got a lot of knowledge and wisdom..and has experienced many events that can become stories--and she is my mother. Ssh, don't spoil the surprise!


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