Sunday, August 8, 2010

Patterns of the unchanging God

Through all of the noises of life, His voice can be heard and His sheep know His voice. We often see life as a series of immediate needs to take care of and long-term goals and commitments to pursue. In actuality, there are things that are always and things that are temporal. The amount of attention we give to building a relationship with God, who is always, will determine how other, temporary things will happen. Speaking of giving attention, let's think about what "interest" means. Interest builds, like when you deposit an amount into a bank. We have to devote our interest to spiritual matters if we want to truly live a godly life. We may feel overwhelmed by earthly problems but this only happens when we allow ourselves to be blinded by what we see instead of calling things that be not as though they were. We have a high calling and Jesus commanded us to do great things. His bloodshed doesn't stop with us (the Bible says God is not willing that any should perish) so even though it's a personal relationship when we enter into salvation, we are dead wrong to close our spirituality off into a corner of our beings! More important than this life is His life. We need to step in it always. When we are stepping in it, we are in step with God. It's time that the weak stand through the rain. As Donnie McClurkin sang in "Stand," we have to "Stand/Don't you give up /Through the storm, through the rain/ Through the hurt, through the pain." When we line up our actions with God, He is our up-line to a higher plain. When we step up and do what He said, we up-step every naysayer, anyway. We are touched within when we remain in touch with Him.


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