Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tweet Response on Apostasy @SeasonsofGrace

@SeasonsOfGrace tweeted something earlier and I re-tweeted at first but decided it'd go better here because a lot of people wouldn't even know what the tweet means or understand its context or care to try to understand the purpose of tweeting it. In fact, they may willingly be helping the problem it addresses. Therefore, I strongly felt that if I left the RT on Twitter, it'd fall on deaf ears or ears that will only interpret it in a way that suits their liking but I know that the followers, visitors & all readers of Jesus Walks With Me share a commitment to truth in Christ that makes this post perfect for the blog. Moreover, there's so much to say on my part that could not be summed into individual tweets, no matter how much I attempted to do so.

Here's the Retweet:
Apostasy in the church is a very terrible thing. It spells the death of the church and of its members.

      Here's my response:
It's true and another sad truth is, a lot of people actually do want to see the church die & maybe even its members. Besides apostasy, there's apathy and an increasing emphasis on image over character, all of which are signs of the times. When any person anywhere is blind to specific problems, they will, more often than not, remain blind. Whoever wants to clear their own or someone else's confusion will try but often, one is truly ready to see only when God finally opens their eyes because they've been blinded by the enemy and their own ignorance & arrogance. We must submit to the Word to clear our confusion & be obedient in order to find the Way...but a lot of people are not even conscious of any choices they make or even of the thoughts they have. It's important to think about what we think about because, sometimes, things do need to be black & white. The strait & narrow aint "go w/ the flow." The blind lead the blind and so the Bible says, whoever has eyes to see, let him see and who has ears to hear, let him hear. Religiousness, tradition & culture divide the world as a people but faith in God has never done so. God is love and loves the WHOLE world... When there is belief in God, the problems of church affiliation, denomination, self-righteousness, etc. have often divide us even further but there is but only 1 CHURCH -THE BODY OF CHRIST. As, SeasonsOfGrace also stated, "A disciple is one who faithfully adheres to the teachings of his master, And there is but 1 Master whom we are able to follow as disciple…His teachings have been faithfully preserved for us in the Scripture…the Lord Jesus Christ. It is, therefore, the mark of every true disciple that he embraces the teachings of the Scriptures, that he promotes them, defends them, and lives according to them. Are you such a disciple?"


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