Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Tired Eyes

Here's the sample article I wrote for my Examiner application. I applied to them a year ago but they didn't accept but this time, I've become an Examiner!

Families are often too on-the-go to realize how backwards they've gotten, how far they've fallen off-course and simply, how tired they have become. Running on auto-pilot is what some call it. You're never really "there." You follow through with the motions of every day life, completing routine tasks, never with any passion or heart or even  a second thought as to what you're doing. Your relationships suffer. Your health deteriorates. And that's just the beginning of your problems. The demands of life have gotten to you. Wanna change that? Keep reading!

Do you have to stay up with children at night? When a child is sick or cranky or you never got around to helping them do their homework while the sun was still out, this can easily disrupt your sleep pattern, unless you've prepared for it. Don't prepare yourself to live backwards but prepare yourself for unexpected mishaps by staying on-course in other areas. Not only will your schedule be thrown off if you do not adhere to a plan but your being thrown off will put you on a brand new plan of bad scheduling.

Remember to keep yourself rested, hydrated and calm at all times. Instead of contemplating popping pills or dreaming of going to a spa, think of the things that a good few hours of sleep can cure. It's amazing just how much significance sleep holds in life. No more walking around like a zombie, not fully living life because of lack of sleep. If you don't sleep right, your hormonal balance will be off, too. Went to bed late and found yourself craving doughnuts first thing in the morning? There's a biological explanation for that! Falling asleep in a dark room at an appropriate hour sets you up for healthy eating the next day, rather than cravings. What's worst about a sweet tooth is that indulging shoots your blood sugar up and then makes it crash back down in a couple of hours, which surely doesn't help with any of the issues you already have! Staying balanced is far better. Speaking of balance, don't just drink when you are thirsty. Some people still wonder how in the world they are told that they should drink eight whole cups of water per day. Well, in actuality, being thirsty is a sign of dehydration. Don't be dehydrated; find a balance. Don't overdo it with the drinking but don't wait until you're dying to try water. After all, you probably drink things that dehydrate you further, like coffee, due to its caffeine. Even if coffee has water, you can afford to drink something besides coffee all day; no more excuses that you're "no good without your coffee." Your family needs you with or without caffeine! Then, staying calm is important because being tense creates a tension that need not be. There is enough stress in life, enough to pressure for you to do what you must, without you making it harder by worrying about other things beyond your control. If you have issues with someone, don't act like they killed you. Communicate, address it and move on. Nobody's perfect and we shouldn't try to control people. One of the most important things about life is our relationships, especially family!

Take the time to sit down and think about your priorities. Does your daily schedule reflect them? Do you overextend yourself on the job? Do you spend extra hours there unnecessarily, when you could be helping your child with homework or preparing a simple HOME-COOKED meal? Or, are you the type who feels the need to dust every corner before you can get out of the house? IF possible, give your kids some chores instead of doing it all yourself.

What's happening now will change. Life is all about change. The question is, are your actions making it change for the better or worse? Besides thinking about long-time goals and the baby steps to get there, also think about permanent situations versus temporary ones. As much as you work, work to stay balanced in your priorities. Remember to live one day at a time and breathe while you're alive.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: The Thief Comes to Steal

Follow the link to this post about life & love. It reminds us that we have to always prioritize and live our days accordingly. Also, there is no shame in motherhood, even if you are a housewife! A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: The Thief Comes to Steal: "Don't be robbed today of the simple joys of life... Don't be robbed of your home---or angry with those in it, unhappy that things are not ..."

Monday, January 24, 2011

I have to ask...

This is important to me and I had to post it. Question your motives about your Christianity. It also ties in with what I wanted to ask today, What's your motivation? I was working on music and the people who I thought would be most amazed by the finished product couldn't have cared less to even see it. That put me down but I quickly got back up. See, if you are driven by Christ, you are always able to do what you need because He never changes. When you do what you do for people, you will soon see that you won't always find support or even interest in other people and if that's the one thing that kept you moving, that means you'll stop moving. Humans are humans so family and friends, like it or not, have no obligation to care about what you're doing the way you'd like them to. Instead, go to God...and trust me, He will always keep you going.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Jesus, Take The Wheel

I have so many feelings LoL I'm starting driving lessons today and I've never driven before. So nervous. I need to do this and I have fought so hard to be able to. I mean, raising the money for lessons, searching for the right school, all of the nonsense I went through to get a learner's permit back in June (I won't try to relive it just to end up aggravating you with the story, too), asking my mom to teach me and still having not learned anything to this day.

I have had nightmares since ...ever...about my driving.
Either I had to drive and couldn't navigate or couldn't stop...or both. I'm sure I probably could get it started and going but what then? I wonder if they'll stop when I learn.

My uncle once showed me what different parts of a car are and what they're for but that was over ten years ago and since then, I've sat in my mother's old van and put it in reverse, slowly backing out of the driveway as she talked with a neighbor. The neighbor saw so she told my mother, so my mom caught it before I backed into the street and caused a problem. Kids are weird and I was such a kid.

Pray for me.
Not to mention there's snow on the ground and the fact that my mother is complaining about the company, asking if they're insured, legit and everything. I'm sure she's probably not even gonna harass the driver when they get here...or she might. She's funny that way.

I'm trying to do things in life that I've been wanting to get done to further myself, you know. I was trying for a first aid/aed/cpr training certification course didn't happen but this is. They never gave me the necessary info after registration as far as payment and whatnot...but, at their usual prices, I might as well have been getting driving lessons, anyhow, especially since you need to get re-certified every couple of years. There's so much I could do with a driver's license, I'd only have to be concerned with a car now. That's beside the point, though. I just need to learn and am tired of carrying a permit for nothing, after paying so much money, time and aggravation to get that. So, six lessons/$250 here I go, starting....2PM lol TY Tasheem for your tangible support...helping me finally get over that $200 slump, making phone calls this week, oh yeah and being there for that horrible permit incident.

I have to go get ready now :-)

What DO YOU believe?

Here's a clip of an episode of popular 90s show, Boy Meets World. It is episode 21 of season 4 and is titled, "Cult Fiction." I blogged about Boy Meets World yesterday as well, on Keeping It 100, which is a collaborative blog with my older brother. The post, titled, And now, a word from Feeny, was about knowledge of pop culture versus other knowledge. My personal opinions: I don't care much for pop culture because it changes every second anyway as a direct relation to the fact that no one else really knows what they like and want. Why follow something just because most other people think they like it...for now?
Now, here I go again, funny enough! I don't really have much to say about this; it's really just an intense hospital scene where Shawn eventually says He believes God is present and hears him..but please do watch and enjoy!


OKay, I definitely have something to say Now lol
For one, they brought up an important point in segment 2 of this episode, which I haven't posted but they mention that Cory and Shawn were friends for a long time and never spoke about spiritual beliefs. That, I've found, is actually beyond common with younger people but why carry that over into adulthood? Our spiritual beliefs shape our lifestyle, our influence and our relationships. It directs our hearts and determines the way we view ourselves. Face yourself and tell me, What are yours?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More than a tradition, marriage is an invention of God

I find that many people look down on marriage, as a whole, overall. Most of those people just don't know its spiritual significance and/or were burned by a "failed marriage." I'm not just throwing out general terms. I know these people. I live with these people. They encourage young people to do anything, everything BUT get married. If marriage does happen, fine, they'll just say bad things disguised as well-wishes. But if they hear about it beforehand, they'll most likely try to stop it...that is, probably unless someone's already expecting. These people call themselves Christian. Where does this type of thinking originate, that we can always support unwed parents but should down the very idea of marriage? 

I, for one, always have liked the idea of a wedding (like most people do) but that's separate from marriage. There are many reasons to marry but the ceremony/reception doesn't cut the cake to fit on that list. So, the fact that weddings cost money shouldn't be a reason not to get married, either. Second, I've spoken against the idea of committing to a selfish person and said I'd probably never want to get married & don't know how anyone could because everyone is so selfish. Yet, a few years have passed since and I've learned a bit more about relationships. Now, soon to be twenty-two years old, I can assure you that I plan to be married within the next three years. Sure, I don't really have a job, career or money at the moment and sure, I'm a fun-loving child of the millennium with no guy or ring AT THE MOMENT but none of that determines my maturity/preparedness or changes the fact that marriage can happen for me or, most importantly, that I'm not 'too young' to step into a godly covenant. After all, there are people even younger who are engaging in war with the military, even losing their lives. I am of legal age and no one's disapproval could stop me! Why would I do it, though, you ask? To be a beacon, a shining example, to provide hope to even myself that it's possible to do things the way God has designed! I am all for independence, as well, for being successful & happy as an individual, not seeking it in someone else...but at the same time, we're not in this world alone and no one ever really accomplishes ANYTHING by themselves. Sure, we are born alone and die alone, too but in living, we need one another. After all, that's what He said when He created man. "It is not good that man should be alone."

So, if you're with me, supporting the sanctity and ideal of marriage, stand up for it...because there is no way that false perceptions of love and Hollywood expectations of happily-ever-after are strong enough to break down what God has put together. Let the "singles" in your life know what marriage means and where you stand on it. Peace, love and many blessings!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life's "hard" but...

Of course everything's hard & unfair. How else would there be so many opportunities to change & so many ways to see a person for who they truly are? Anyone could seem cool if things always go their way But fake people really bore me.

Life's hard but it doesn't mean dreams have to die and hearts have to be heavy.

Life's hard but it doesn't mean doing what it is right is a waste.
There is still such a thing as justice, integrity, purpose and WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Don't worry about what you can't handle, what makes no sense at the moment.
The unjust reap their seems everything's good now but their now is but a moment. Who are you to stop handling your business because it seems someone else is getting more for doing less or for doing the wrong thing, anyway? Show the love of Christ and stay on your grind!
And, who are you to give up on life because nothing is seeming right today? Today is now but there've been many todays and you have to keep hope for tomorrow. Do what you know, do what you can and know your future todays are in God's hands.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

True Love on a Sunny Sunday

Who originally sang the song that's called both "Jesus, I'm desperate for You" and "The Air I Breathe" ...Hillsong, Michael W. Smith?

I heard a clip of it in this movie that was on this morning, called, "The Other End of the Line." It was a short clip but it was so familiar to me and I realized what it was and why and then, I wondered how it was playing at that point and in that movie. I'd heard nothing about Jesus within the film. The clip was simply used for their own purposes, using the artist's love for Jesus to convey a story of love between the main characters. I mean, people use all types of songs for all types of projects all of the time but it bothers me that, upon looking, I saw that the song's not even listed under the movie's soundtrack list and while love is love regardless, all of that's deceptive.

Was there an even larger agenda to say that belief in one another is more important than what you believe about God? You think about it. The movie features a young woman from an Indian family who's about to be married off when she decides to get with a guy from America. No one professes their faith. While they speak on love, happiness, commitment, family, loyalty, prayer and forgiveness, they do not speak about any God, let alone a Savior. This reminds me of how people try to combine/blur the lines between religious faiths so as to say that believing in the greater good for mankind, whatever that may actually be, and living without crunching on each other's toes, is their ideal, more than any commitment to their having individual faith in the Lord.

Granted, I only was watching the last hour of the movie so, I can't completely formulate an opinion but their own words are: "Two countries. Two cultures. One chance at love."
So, I ask you, what's with our fixation on culture, anyway?...because, even if we're saying all of this to say that it's okay to cross-cultures if your culture is keeping you from "true love," that's still saying that culture is just this mega-huge thing to us...and says nothing of faith in the Lord.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Renew Life Despite Your Stress

You can’t suppress the Christian faith in others. You can simply attempt to oppress the Christian. Why do that when they can revitalize the “dead places” in this nation? Christianity has always been the one thing that makes big things happen. If you need a change, you need to pray. They pray daily and are being prevented from preaching when the Truth and the Word are what created this country. Pray!!!!!

Our Whole Lives Are on the Internet

Here is what I wrote last night:

Early this afternoon, I was minding my business, watching Spice World, when my internet lost connection. This happens from time to time but today, this sudden catastrophe was not tryna fix itself. I am forced to think about this every time I lose internet connection or have no internet access whatsoever: our whole lives have become centered on the internet, the World Wide Web. What do you do without it? I may be able to read or write or watch television but I can’t read my friend’s status updates, write blogs or watch streamed movies on Netflix. What do I do without it? I can’t go on Skype and talk to friends. I am essentially alone. Although this is how life was for many years before the internet became a part of my household, I don’t know what to do without it. Can I listen to music? I’d rather not because I’d rather be on YouTube. I took a lot for me to even begin typing all of this in Microsoft Word. I want my familiar customized post entry/editor box for my blog. I am in withdrawal again and I don’t know for how long…again. Last time, I came out feeling happier than ever and refreshed. It can be stressful dealing with the ‘net, after all. Yet, I am stressed now, too! What am I to do?

What I did was type things to posts to blogs later, watch The Craigslist Killer and go to sleep. Needless to say, I now have an internet connection, for the moment.


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