Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Tired Eyes

Here's the sample article I wrote for my Examiner application. I applied to them a year ago but they didn't accept but this time, I've become an Examiner!

Families are often too on-the-go to realize how backwards they've gotten, how far they've fallen off-course and simply, how tired they have become. Running on auto-pilot is what some call it. You're never really "there." You follow through with the motions of every day life, completing routine tasks, never with any passion or heart or even  a second thought as to what you're doing. Your relationships suffer. Your health deteriorates. And that's just the beginning of your problems. The demands of life have gotten to you. Wanna change that? Keep reading!

Do you have to stay up with children at night? When a child is sick or cranky or you never got around to helping them do their homework while the sun was still out, this can easily disrupt your sleep pattern, unless you've prepared for it. Don't prepare yourself to live backwards but prepare yourself for unexpected mishaps by staying on-course in other areas. Not only will your schedule be thrown off if you do not adhere to a plan but your being thrown off will put you on a brand new plan of bad scheduling.

Remember to keep yourself rested, hydrated and calm at all times. Instead of contemplating popping pills or dreaming of going to a spa, think of the things that a good few hours of sleep can cure. It's amazing just how much significance sleep holds in life. No more walking around like a zombie, not fully living life because of lack of sleep. If you don't sleep right, your hormonal balance will be off, too. Went to bed late and found yourself craving doughnuts first thing in the morning? There's a biological explanation for that! Falling asleep in a dark room at an appropriate hour sets you up for healthy eating the next day, rather than cravings. What's worst about a sweet tooth is that indulging shoots your blood sugar up and then makes it crash back down in a couple of hours, which surely doesn't help with any of the issues you already have! Staying balanced is far better. Speaking of balance, don't just drink when you are thirsty. Some people still wonder how in the world they are told that they should drink eight whole cups of water per day. Well, in actuality, being thirsty is a sign of dehydration. Don't be dehydrated; find a balance. Don't overdo it with the drinking but don't wait until you're dying to try water. After all, you probably drink things that dehydrate you further, like coffee, due to its caffeine. Even if coffee has water, you can afford to drink something besides coffee all day; no more excuses that you're "no good without your coffee." Your family needs you with or without caffeine! Then, staying calm is important because being tense creates a tension that need not be. There is enough stress in life, enough to pressure for you to do what you must, without you making it harder by worrying about other things beyond your control. If you have issues with someone, don't act like they killed you. Communicate, address it and move on. Nobody's perfect and we shouldn't try to control people. One of the most important things about life is our relationships, especially family!

Take the time to sit down and think about your priorities. Does your daily schedule reflect them? Do you overextend yourself on the job? Do you spend extra hours there unnecessarily, when you could be helping your child with homework or preparing a simple HOME-COOKED meal? Or, are you the type who feels the need to dust every corner before you can get out of the house? IF possible, give your kids some chores instead of doing it all yourself.

What's happening now will change. Life is all about change. The question is, are your actions making it change for the better or worse? Besides thinking about long-time goals and the baby steps to get there, also think about permanent situations versus temporary ones. As much as you work, work to stay balanced in your priorities. Remember to live one day at a time and breathe while you're alive.


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