Monday, January 24, 2011

I have to ask...

This is important to me and I had to post it. Question your motives about your Christianity. It also ties in with what I wanted to ask today, What's your motivation? I was working on music and the people who I thought would be most amazed by the finished product couldn't have cared less to even see it. That put me down but I quickly got back up. See, if you are driven by Christ, you are always able to do what you need because He never changes. When you do what you do for people, you will soon see that you won't always find support or even interest in other people and if that's the one thing that kept you moving, that means you'll stop moving. Humans are humans so family and friends, like it or not, have no obligation to care about what you're doing the way you'd like them to. Instead, go to God...and trust me, He will always keep you going.


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