Friday, January 14, 2011

Jesus, Take The Wheel

I have so many feelings LoL I'm starting driving lessons today and I've never driven before. So nervous. I need to do this and I have fought so hard to be able to. I mean, raising the money for lessons, searching for the right school, all of the nonsense I went through to get a learner's permit back in June (I won't try to relive it just to end up aggravating you with the story, too), asking my mom to teach me and still having not learned anything to this day.

I have had nightmares since ...ever...about my driving.
Either I had to drive and couldn't navigate or couldn't stop...or both. I'm sure I probably could get it started and going but what then? I wonder if they'll stop when I learn.

My uncle once showed me what different parts of a car are and what they're for but that was over ten years ago and since then, I've sat in my mother's old van and put it in reverse, slowly backing out of the driveway as she talked with a neighbor. The neighbor saw so she told my mother, so my mom caught it before I backed into the street and caused a problem. Kids are weird and I was such a kid.

Pray for me.
Not to mention there's snow on the ground and the fact that my mother is complaining about the company, asking if they're insured, legit and everything. I'm sure she's probably not even gonna harass the driver when they get here...or she might. She's funny that way.

I'm trying to do things in life that I've been wanting to get done to further myself, you know. I was trying for a first aid/aed/cpr training certification course didn't happen but this is. They never gave me the necessary info after registration as far as payment and whatnot...but, at their usual prices, I might as well have been getting driving lessons, anyhow, especially since you need to get re-certified every couple of years. There's so much I could do with a driver's license, I'd only have to be concerned with a car now. That's beside the point, though. I just need to learn and am tired of carrying a permit for nothing, after paying so much money, time and aggravation to get that. So, six lessons/$250 here I go, starting....2PM lol TY Tasheem for your tangible support...helping me finally get over that $200 slump, making phone calls this week, oh yeah and being there for that horrible permit incident.

I have to go get ready now :-)


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