Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life's "hard" but...

Of course everything's hard & unfair. How else would there be so many opportunities to change & so many ways to see a person for who they truly are? Anyone could seem cool if things always go their way But fake people really bore me.

Life's hard but it doesn't mean dreams have to die and hearts have to be heavy.

Life's hard but it doesn't mean doing what it is right is a waste.
There is still such a thing as justice, integrity, purpose and WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Don't worry about what you can't handle, what makes no sense at the moment.
The unjust reap their rewards....it seems everything's good now but their now is but a moment. Who are you to stop handling your business because it seems someone else is getting more for doing less or for doing the wrong thing, anyway? Show the love of Christ and stay on your grind!
And, who are you to give up on life because nothing is seeming right today? Today is now but there've been many todays and you have to keep hope for tomorrow. Do what you know, do what you can and know your future todays are in God's hands.


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