Thursday, January 13, 2011

More than a tradition, marriage is an invention of God

I find that many people look down on marriage, as a whole, overall. Most of those people just don't know its spiritual significance and/or were burned by a "failed marriage." I'm not just throwing out general terms. I know these people. I live with these people. They encourage young people to do anything, everything BUT get married. If marriage does happen, fine, they'll just say bad things disguised as well-wishes. But if they hear about it beforehand, they'll most likely try to stop it...that is, probably unless someone's already expecting. These people call themselves Christian. Where does this type of thinking originate, that we can always support unwed parents but should down the very idea of marriage? 

I, for one, always have liked the idea of a wedding (like most people do) but that's separate from marriage. There are many reasons to marry but the ceremony/reception doesn't cut the cake to fit on that list. So, the fact that weddings cost money shouldn't be a reason not to get married, either. Second, I've spoken against the idea of committing to a selfish person and said I'd probably never want to get married & don't know how anyone could because everyone is so selfish. Yet, a few years have passed since and I've learned a bit more about relationships. Now, soon to be twenty-two years old, I can assure you that I plan to be married within the next three years. Sure, I don't really have a job, career or money at the moment and sure, I'm a fun-loving child of the millennium with no guy or ring AT THE MOMENT but none of that determines my maturity/preparedness or changes the fact that marriage can happen for me or, most importantly, that I'm not 'too young' to step into a godly covenant. After all, there are people even younger who are engaging in war with the military, even losing their lives. I am of legal age and no one's disapproval could stop me! Why would I do it, though, you ask? To be a beacon, a shining example, to provide hope to even myself that it's possible to do things the way God has designed! I am all for independence, as well, for being successful & happy as an individual, not seeking it in someone else...but at the same time, we're not in this world alone and no one ever really accomplishes ANYTHING by themselves. Sure, we are born alone and die alone, too but in living, we need one another. After all, that's what He said when He created man. "It is not good that man should be alone."

So, if you're with me, supporting the sanctity and ideal of marriage, stand up for it...because there is no way that false perceptions of love and Hollywood expectations of happily-ever-after are strong enough to break down what God has put together. Let the "singles" in your life know what marriage means and where you stand on it. Peace, love and many blessings!


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