Sunday, January 9, 2011

True Love on a Sunny Sunday

Who originally sang the song that's called both "Jesus, I'm desperate for You" and "The Air I Breathe" ...Hillsong, Michael W. Smith?

I heard a clip of it in this movie that was on this morning, called, "The Other End of the Line." It was a short clip but it was so familiar to me and I realized what it was and why and then, I wondered how it was playing at that point and in that movie. I'd heard nothing about Jesus within the film. The clip was simply used for their own purposes, using the artist's love for Jesus to convey a story of love between the main characters. I mean, people use all types of songs for all types of projects all of the time but it bothers me that, upon looking, I saw that the song's not even listed under the movie's soundtrack list and while love is love regardless, all of that's deceptive.

Was there an even larger agenda to say that belief in one another is more important than what you believe about God? You think about it. The movie features a young woman from an Indian family who's about to be married off when she decides to get with a guy from America. No one professes their faith. While they speak on love, happiness, commitment, family, loyalty, prayer and forgiveness, they do not speak about any God, let alone a Savior. This reminds me of how people try to combine/blur the lines between religious faiths so as to say that believing in the greater good for mankind, whatever that may actually be, and living without crunching on each other's toes, is their ideal, more than any commitment to their having individual faith in the Lord.

Granted, I only was watching the last hour of the movie so, I can't completely formulate an opinion but their own words are: "Two countries. Two cultures. One chance at love."
So, I ask you, what's with our fixation on culture, anyway?...because, even if we're saying all of this to say that it's okay to cross-cultures if your culture is keeping you from "true love," that's still saying that culture is just this mega-huge thing to us...and says nothing of faith in the Lord.


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