Friday, January 14, 2011

What DO YOU believe?

Here's a clip of an episode of popular 90s show, Boy Meets World. It is episode 21 of season 4 and is titled, "Cult Fiction." I blogged about Boy Meets World yesterday as well, on Keeping It 100, which is a collaborative blog with my older brother. The post, titled, And now, a word from Feeny, was about knowledge of pop culture versus other knowledge. My personal opinions: I don't care much for pop culture because it changes every second anyway as a direct relation to the fact that no one else really knows what they like and want. Why follow something just because most other people think they like it...for now?
Now, here I go again, funny enough! I don't really have much to say about this; it's really just an intense hospital scene where Shawn eventually says He believes God is present and hears him..but please do watch and enjoy!


OKay, I definitely have something to say Now lol
For one, they brought up an important point in segment 2 of this episode, which I haven't posted but they mention that Cory and Shawn were friends for a long time and never spoke about spiritual beliefs. That, I've found, is actually beyond common with younger people but why carry that over into adulthood? Our spiritual beliefs shape our lifestyle, our influence and our relationships. It directs our hearts and determines the way we view ourselves. Face yourself and tell me, What are yours?


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