Saturday, February 5, 2011


What seeds are being planted when you have an argument with your parents? When you slander against a neighbor? What ideas, suggestions and frames of thought are being formed when you allow your heart to be infiltrated by evil devices? When you let an inch result in a mile being taken? When the depths of your soul are bombarded by a mass of secular influences due to the people you wish to impress, not with the glory of God but with how great you can be solo? You don't live alone; God made today and woke you up in it. Let us choose our steps with the knowledge that He has paved a way...and it doesn't go against His Word.

I heard it said, by James Robison, "If the devil can't get you to do wrong, he'll try to get you to do right wrong and you miss out on the best things doing good things."

As much as we do, we could do better if we took the time to do things purposefully, especially in the way we communicate.

"Let your light shine/Never stray/Never let it disappear/Let the world see/How you glow/For reasons they don't yet know...Let your light shine a rainbow from here"


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