Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wisdom in a Dream - Submission, Obedience, Guilt

A lot of ppl are going around thinking they're not loved bcuz it's not being shown in the way they think it must be shown.
A lot of ppl are living with tons of guilt every day, unnecessarily. They feel useless.
A lot of ppl are walking around judgmentally & critical of others.They never consider others.
A lot of ppl are down and out, lost and dazed and confused, not knowing where they belong or even who they are, or, more importantly, whose they are.
All because our eyes are closed and we do not know what it means to submit, to obey, to respect, nope, we do not do those. We even get offended at the very idea, at the very sound of it.
The wisest man to have ever lived gained his wisdom in a dream (1 Kings :4-13). Then, he heard about the importance, significance and power of obedience: Verse 14 says, And if you walk in my ways and obey my statutes and commands as David your father did, I will give you a long life."
This king with authority, power, responsibility and all of the wisdom in the world still had to submit to and obey God. Why would we think it is okay for us to not and why would we find a problem with submitting to (respecting) our spouses, whom we vow to commit to for life? Why would we think it is okay to disrespect one another? Let us value one another in the way Solomon did in verses 8 and 9: "Your servant is here among the people you have chosen, a great people, too numerous to count or number. So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?"
Because, even if we do not literally govern others, we must govern ourselves accordingly and are still in the presence of great people God has chosen to be here, in our lives, homes, schools, communities and churches. So, let us have a godly mind, communication and consideration for one another in all of our actions and interactions.

Nobody knows what to say

Everyone has responsibilities. Everyone has struggles. We all fight to make it through each and every day.
Nobody knows what to say about death (including miscarriage and abortion), heartache, marriage (and its almost-inevitable counterpart, divorce), unemployment/economic crises, abuse in all of its forms, immigration, affording a home, government spending/debts, the military, politics and policies, corruption in the workplace, poor customer service and scarce personal contact when seeking customer service, disabilities/handicaps, illness, law enforcement, state vs. federal, safety vs. security vs. privacy vs. personal freedom and rights vs. advanced technological influences, etc.

These issues affect us all but we all respond differently and do not know what to say to others about the situations when it hits them or even to explain ours if we feel the need to share with someone. What words will comfort or reassure you? What words will motivate you? What knowledge do you need? What encouragement would actually be very unhelpful? This is different for everyone; I've met some seemingly expert communicators, still, it all comes down to the way we compartmentalize things. If, in your mind, everything has a condition, truth is relative, and that is where the ultimate deception/confusion begins. Some things need to be black and white, wrong or right, etc. and I believe it should be these most important things, essential to the healthy growth of our families and the communities we live in. Instead, the little things take our attention and we suffer where it matters most.

Suddenly, your ministry is meaningless as well as your church attendance but you make time to send a check in once a month? Suddenly, our children's educational and recreational needs mean zilch but we can spend hundreds of dollars per month on fast food, jewelry and electronic devices (computers/laptops, phones, iPods)?
Suddenly, as new people are coming to know the Lord each day, some who have already known Him lose interest in godly counsel and read books by worldly celebrities that have profanity in the very title of the books? Suddenly, it doesn't really matter if someone lacks respectability, personal integrity, intelligence, common sense and a relationship with the Lord, just as long as they do everything you ask of them and serve you with a smile, making you feel good?
We, as a people, have grown dull and dumb. We show partiality with one another and when we see people, we do not see them for themselves but for what they can do for us! Those with some sense see the dirt we do but, instead of confronting, confessing and praying, we gossip and talk behind each other's backs. This solves nothing and, in fact, creates more problems, none the least of which are bitterness, distrust and division.

Let's be real, this issue starts in the home, which is why I mention situations that hit home - family, finances, etc.

We see this earth drawing to a close and all I can say is,
Get your house in order and show some respect to all who paved a way for you, keeping in mind that your actions today will, not only, shape your life story but affect the lives of your children and their children as well.

Let us learn from the Garden of Eden. There were many trees but two of the trees, two of the rooted foundations that supplied fruit, were called, respectively, "Tree of Life" and "Tree of Knowledge of good and evil." If we continually choose to "take in knowledge" and indulge in self-righteousness rather than choosing grace, love, faith, redemption, imputed righteousness/justification, freedom from the law, and true life, we are dying. If you take fruit from the Tree of Life instead of from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you are wise. It's not that knowledge is bad, either. You must know a lot if you know how to live and that's the kind of knowledge we need, not to fill up on secular intelligence. Don't be lost in the forest of this world. Stand as a tree, firmly rooted in Christ and placed in the world to grow and produce spiritual fruit. We can produce (give birth to) fruit of the Spirit when we have planted in us bear (carry) the seed of faith and seal of the Holy Spirit. What kind of seeds are you carrying? What kind of fruit are you producing? Will your harvest be beautiful?!?

("Beautiful Ending," performed by Barlow Girl, subtitled in Portuguese)


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