Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Accountability and Influence

Good morning! This is my first time blogging on a bus. I just had something on my mind for a while now. Do you feel responsible for the way your actions influence others to think, feel and behave? I do. I realize that not everyone has the same convictions whenever I engage in day-to-day conversation. Take a moment to think of someone else and what you are doing to better or worsen their future (which is now, as they say, after all) with the things you are just doing for yourself. What means nothing to you could be life or death for someone else. Today, let's live intentionally and be responsible and accountable for our influence. The only time I ever care what people think of me negatively is when I am concerned their false belief will lead them astray. We have power to leave a positive impact and that should be one of our main focuses as believers, not controlling people but taking control over what we give the public to believe about ourselves. I'm not talking about image; I mean influence and taking each moment you can today and every day to make sure you are being that light and salt of the earth.


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