Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Google we trust??

Let me get one thing straight right away; this post isn't really about Google at all. Google's just part of my larger point. Answer this one question: What are the sources of all of your knowledge? Consider your sources when you think you are wise. What if everything you thought you knew was a lie? We believe Google knows everything...but who makes Google? Last I thought, it was God who knows everything! One thing He told us for certain is to know that we are not on this earth for the here and now because this is temporary. We are living for the next life, eternity. This earth IS coming to an end and while we do not want to give into hype and fanaticism about WHEN, we can't neglect that we SHOULD be WATCHING daily! Do not get caught up in false popular beliefs & all of your day-to-day obligations to the point where you forget this truth and its significance! Many things have to take place and it is written how imperative it is to not be swayed in your faith and to not be deceived by false reports. To know the truth, you must stay in the Truth. Do not formulate opinions based on this world's way of thinking.


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