Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dear me I once was and me I sometimes have wished to be again,

Do not, for anybody or anything, lose sight of Who and what's important. Pray in all things. Keep the same drive that got you into all the sports & activities you have been. Don't just long for friends and growth in Christ; Find a church! You have more power in your life than you are accepting. What little rights you do have to your life, don't take for granted. Your choices affect your future. Make them good ones make it a good one. Don't keep relationships that make you bitter or pessimistic or judgmental or Conflicted. And for God's sake leave these time-wasting heart-breaking guys alone. Besides, you have the greatest man at home waiting for you... But not forever. Love your father while you have him, love him harder. Do even more together. Because he is one of your best friends and the things that get in the way of that are so irrelevant and will eat you when it's too late. Don't give your mom a hard time by staying out they worked hard to make a home for you to be in bed at night. And I know you're just trying to explore the world but there's a better way. And God will always provide it if you let His way be yours. Get so much closer to him. Know how very Loved you are, not liked or flattered, Loved..cared for, intimately known, with too many sacrifices to count made for you, for you to be alive and well and free and successful. No matter how overlooked and insignificant your presence, interests and needs sometimes seem. Focus in on the good, expand on it. Because you have a beautiful life regardless of the day-to-day imperfections. Appreciate it all anyway because nothing lasts forever and it is all what we make it. Life is short, they say. Love the people and opportunities time brings because all things come and go in time. And I know you struggle with having a bit too much knowledge to know what to do with but keep that thirst for it and just keep writing and praying just keep your heart protected in a good place. Don't sway in the pressure grow in it. And as dad would say, Mookie I love you I'm proud of you and I'm expecting great things from you. These things come in time and little by little you're getting there. Now, I must go cry because I miss him so much but you, you live in the peace and wisdom and power only God can give, don't leave me with pieces to pick up from your slack and laxness. Never compromise never settle you know whats right now do it. Don't follow your emotions but do always respect the sensitivity you have toward others'. Say what's on your mind more but only when it's something edifying. God gave you that mouth and your words could save somebody's life. Don't worry about who didn't wanna listen you just say what He put on your heart to share. You'll never go wrong with Him. Take it even further than going only where He leads by remembering wherever you go, take Him with you, actively engage his presence, walk with his joy, represent him to all his creation. You all need him just as much as the next person and keep praying for ppl He hears you Jesus literally is a lifesaver He will always go in and help He wants them even more than you want them to have Him and He will amaze you with how swiftly He proves it. I can't go back to the past but I can determine how many more pieces id be left picking up in the future so I dedicate this to the me I am and will be.


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