Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reclaim your Name

Sometimes, the place you find someone is the very place you've lost yourself. Sometimes, the goals we chase run us down. Sometimes, we lose our lives in living. Sometimes, love is tainted by emotions, what is best gets overlooked versus what feels best. Sometimes, we let our hopes team up with our fears and lead us down a path prematurely, one not meant for us, to achieve what we believe is. But in the midst of it all, God is still God. Even when you forget who you are, if who you are is His, He will help you reclaim your name for His glory.

When I began this blog, it was supposed to be a way for me to have a spiritual journal, a place to share things I don't actually have people to talk with about, which would allow people to witness what Christ is doing in me for themselves...a way to show a Christian's life, not the storybook type of life we create in our own minds but the reality of what it means to follow Jesus, with all of the ins and outs, so that I could show the raw beauty as triumphs and that this would be an ultimate witness and legacy.
Yet, I, like most, have allowed the things of this world to distract me time and again on a daily basis and I lose balance in my day-to-day responsibilities.
My last post was written 3 years and 4 months ago. 3 years prior to the passing of my father. 9/16/46-10/19/14. They say the dash is what counts, the time where the person made their mark and impression in this earth and memories in the hearts of loved ones. He lived a phenomenal dash. And just as I am grateful to identify myself in Christ, I am proud to identify myself as the daughter of my dad. He was the best father anybody could have ever had. I promise you this man was amazing. But the biggest blessing of all is to know that he is now more alive than ever. Thus, having dealt with the many emotions and inner struggles that come from losing a beloved, I am all the more at the conclusion that I need to live while I am living. I've made many mistakes and bad decisions over the course of the nearly 26 years I've been here. All negative choices have negative effects. But I am confident in the faithfulness and redemption of the Lord. My life has been far from perfect but what has always made all the difference is the knowledge that focusing on God changes everything and is the key to life. I have always felt a duty to honor God, those who love me, and my very own self in having a good name a name that holds weight, not because it is boasted but because it comes with good and godly reports. His report is what matters. And as we come to know Him more and continually choose to keep Him first, He grants the growth opportunities. So, we must welcome them and face them as if we know our goal. Don't get scared when you see a struggle, don't falter, the prize is still the same. And the greatest prize we can have in this life is a relationship with Him and those people He blesses us to come across and live with. These are not just the greatest prizes but the great commands.

If you proclaim the goodness and righteousness of the Lord, people are looking at you to be walking in it. This is a true responsibility not only to Him and yourself but to your fellow people, to be an example of godly living. But being human, many have fallen short and gotten caught up in some things. Ppl go around complaining churches are full of hypocrites because your life Needs to match the Word you share. But if you're one of them struggling to believe, don't look at anybody to be your god don't let them be the extent of your knowledge and relationship with Him don't have full faith in anyone but God let Him show you for Himself how it's done. Experience His goodness for YOURself. And when you really have, you won't want to depart from it. Don't let your fellow man keep you from getting closer to Your Creator yooou've gotta go get God for youuu!

They say people never change but how many of us feel like the same person we used to be? Nobody is even the same from day to day you're moving in a direction, whether positive or negative you're on a road that shifts as you make your day to day decisions. It turns as you meet people and let people go. It gets rerouted as you face disappointments, disagreements and confusions. And it's all a part of growing. Your path is no one else's even if some people have stayed with you along the ride. Individualism means we all came in this world on our own and will leave at our own time as well. That's something we can't change. And sometimes you might feel empty and lonely and frustrated when you can't fill a void with a person but there's also a place where you can be at peace with it come to terms and be ok with it and that's kinda where I'm at. God fills the gaps beautifully if you let Him, it's His place. He will take you where you're meant to go when you are abiding in Him. And your destiny and purpose has no gender The Lord has goals for you to achieve for His Kingdom not just for the earth it doesn't matter if you are man or woman He wants you to be as great as you can be in Him. And sometimes where you're going won't include marriage in your lifetime maybe that's why all your relationships are failing maybe it's not you or them but that it's distracting from where yall really need to be. Relationships mess up for all sorts of reasons. And ppl try to counsel each other thru it but not all counsel is of God. Some people are all messed up in the head. Stop assuming all women act one way and all men act another. Sin is a human problem, period. If you want some real success and freedom give it all to God.

Please be aware. The devil wants to destroy you and will do any possible thing to try to drag you to hell. Literally any possible thing. And you don't have to believe he exists I know a lot of people don't but guess what his attacks Do come your way regardless. And it doesn't have to feel like one, a lot of times it's things that look and feel beautiful but only lead to your DESTRUCTION. He's not gonna stop based on the work you do for The Lord there's no amount you can do to exempt you even Jesus was tempted. All the more, as you're leading people to Christ the enemy has all the more reason to try to bring you down, corrupt your influence your name and your credibility and the perception of your faith to those who already struggle to believe.


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