Wednesday, March 11, 2015


A lot of people, for years, have been going crazy claiming certain entertainers/musicians are part of a secret society. Many others are angered or altogether unfazed by the claim. I can't speak about who is part of what and even if I could, it'd be of no affect; we are only responsible to God for the lives we live individually so figuring out if someone has "sold their soul*," as they say, is of no relevance. All I do know is a lot of music IS satanic. Now, some church people are used to hearing "satanic" in reference to many things, whether the things truly be evil or not and, therefore, some may feel the term is just a broad, outdated way to keep people from doing anything remotely close to having fun. Sure many people try to force their own ideology and preferences and legalism on others but this is not that; beloved brethren, people of God, children of the Lord... Wake up lest you be fooled. And make a mockery. The truth is, while you may not be making a decision to serve the devil just by listening to certain songs, that doesn't change the nature of the song or that there are people in this world who have made a fully conscious decision to go the wrong way (including those called satanists) who the music you are indulging may very well have been made by. So how is holding onto the unrighteousness an example of you serving God? Pay attention to the attitudes certain music triggers in you and others. Pay attention to the ways certain music makes you dance. Pay attention to the beliefs certain songs subtlety instill in your psyche. God's Word is clear.

* God still has the ultimate power and any evil agenda is not for us to fear only the Most High is to be feared. He is mighty to save, not just when WE need but also for those who turned the wrong way! The real issue is the power you give them by feeding into the frenzy as if they are so mighty. You can't fight evil that way. Always keep in mind what God has said for us to do.


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