Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Standards and Relationships

People may want perfection but most don't literally expect it and know we are far from perfect ourselves. Still, that's why they say, "I can do bad all by myself," there's nothing wrong with having standards you want to uphold and attain for yourself, as well as with a partner. I don't need you to be my rock Jesus has that covered and I don't need you to be my world because I'm already building mine; I know for some reason a lot of people misconceive that when you want a certain kind of man or seek to see a man in their true position in the Christian view, it's just weak/lost women who seek to be taken care of but that's just not at all what it's about. Christian women are purposeful we do not intend to spend years just hanging with any random guy but to be creating a future together with who we are supposed to be with. We desire real genuine relationship and to always be leading in God's way and to specifically be paving the way for potential marriage which we respect the value of. Marriage is not a goal just in itself but it should be when actually in a relationship. You don't actually date to marry you don't just literally get with someone to find a spouse but when you have someone you do want to be with, someone you love, you don't say you want to be with them just to be there but to really be with them. How am I with you if we can't even speak to the doctors for each other if one of us ends up in the hospital. How are we really together if, in the eyes of God and the law, we are single. A lot of guys may not see themselves ever stepping down to one knee to make a proposition of engaging in becoming one. But then, what are you there for? Either way, I do expect a head, a leader, someone not easily swayed, a dude whose personality is enduring, whose character is developing, heart is diligent and mind is sharp. A real strong man and not just for the fact that he lifts lol that's a really good and important strength but the greatest strength is love and that's what this is about. I need My man to be strong not because I need to be controlled by him.. but for his own self. I need him to be who he really is and do what he says he will. I absolutely want him to be respectable. And in my relation to him, I need to be able to be who I am which IS a person who respects. If he wants to be in my life, I need to be able to rely on him, not because I can't handle my own but because I need to be able to trust him and to entrust him with his place in it. Of course I desire a man who can better me but most of all I expect to be with a man who can better himself.


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