Friday, April 17, 2015

Take a look

I say this because I care. No judgment. No scorn. But heed my words do not take them lightly. You need to change things. Reevaluate some things within yourself. Your views and mindset. Your ideas, fears, goals and intent. These friends you have, you are not trying to let go of, I get it but look at their lifestyles. Look at what you do when you are together. Look at what you sacrifice and compromise for them look at how you've hurt others and yourself in the process of your commitment to them. Look at all the opportunities you've lost in life, all the problems you've caused, money you've lost and the amazing moments you've given up to spend time with them. Look in the mirror at the person you've become. Not just how you look but how you see. Look at the lifestyle you are being held in as you hold onto them in your life. You may think many things are mostly harmless. But a little harm goes a mighty long way. And many mistakes and disappointments sadly beget lifelong regrets and remorse. There are things you can't get back things you can't change things you can't control. But I've always just wanted better for you. And I know, if you just choose it, you will have better.


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