Monday, June 15, 2015

Ready for the unknown?

Im not posting this to say go get married and have children besides I think too many ppl come on here and post about relationships as if there aren't soooo many single, God-fearing, goal-driven ppl in this world who dont know if they'll ever even meet someone they could accomplish building a future with. I'm just posting for the concept. The principle. Of not blocking out opportunities to be blessed and move forward in your life. The marriage and family thing is not for everybody though many would benefit from it and can relate to it in some way but the point is the fact that so many feel a need to hide from it As well as from many other things in life just because of fear of the unknown when, as with all things, fear is a thief of progress and a promise of failure before you can even start. Truth is, some things Are scary and frightening but God is with you for each step of the way and He wants you to trust in Him so fear has no place with you just faith and your journey is not given to you all at once so feeling overwhelmed with the gravity of the vision is unnecessary and what you need for it will be provided beforehand but some will just have to be learned along the way. So no, don't jump in blindly. But don't stand still in the dark. Come out, come out wherever you are and answer the call He's placed on your life. One thing you can never regret is being in God's will.

You can't be prepared for the future if you never start today. You're preparing for Something, either failure or success. Choose success.


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