Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Resting in Peace part 1

They say rest in peace when people pass away but what about the rest you should be entered into today? How will you know how to suddenly rest in peace if you don't make a habit of letting God take control Now? When it's time to go, you should be confident your work was complete, your house is in order and most of all that you're going with your Best Friends the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and are used to communing with them wherever you go already. You know where you're going when you leave here. Without a doubt. That's the greatest peace of all and He says we need to have it now. Don't wait until that last breath is drawn to take seriously eternity. And don't get it wrong, resting in the Lord doesn't mean you don't work hard or do hard work it just mean the work doesn't get to you and it only makes you better. And when the time comes, your rest in the grave will be worth it for it. What would YOU be resting from if you were to go today? What have you committed your life to? Is it worth it? Let your obituary be in mind as much as your resume, not just what you're doing but the legacy you're leaving behind.


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