Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Who is good but God

People really argue over whether they are "good" enough? What does that even mean? No matter how good you think you are or how well-meaning, everyone has been affected by the same internal problem that leads one to lie, cheat, steal and even wish dead the very people who have only done right by you. That's a human issue and it's called having the nature to sin. And it's why we are not to judge others and think proudly of ourselves but we should be more than happy to trust God to bring us through any and all of our conflicts by touching us internally. If you think you can live a life perfectly on your own, even managing to not be struggling with bad habits, addiction and vices or dealing with horrible relationships with people in your life or getting things done but always feeling like you're lacking or wanting to be different than what media presents you but seeing no other way or even not being affected by crime and injustice and the legal system, take me to whatever planet you come from because it's not earth. I am human and I need Jesus. Period. I love myself enough to admit that I am not good enough and that God always is. This is why righteousness is a gift not something we earn, it's all Him we just do not measure up we are imperfect and are born beautiful but without comprehension of the value of being holy or knowledge of our purpose of resting in Him and not taking on the weight of the world. We take that on but He wants us to just rely on and grow through Him and His might. Being connected to Him makes all the difference in the way we are able to live life He makes all things possible if we let Him. The Father's calling is great. Answer.


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