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TO SUBMIT LINKS FOR THIS PAGE, E-MAIL editorcbutler(at)gmail(dot)com. Please do take the time to visit these websites and be blessed by their godly messages of hope, truth, faith and love.

gnmagazine.org - A Magazine of Understanding

boundless.org - "...to cast a vibrant vision for the single years, helping you navigate this season while preparing for the challenges and responsibilities of the one to come"

persecution.com - A Global Perspective on the Persecution of God's Children

crosswalk.com - The Intersection of Faith and Life

wavestudybible.com/wave-study-bible-iphone.html - Admirably mentioned on ChristalClear™ is the iPhone and iTouch app, Wave Study Bible®

windowstomysoul.blogspot.com/ - WORDS cannot convey how much this blog means to me. It deserves and needs to be read by everyone...daily!!

Dove.org - For Family Approved Films

ParentPreviews.com - Check out what you're showing your children before you do so

VerticalThought.org - A Magazine of Understanding for Tomorrow's Leaders

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation

Read This Before You Die

Free Online Books 

Free Audio Books

Bible Studies

Free Resource Center - Bible Studies and Online Library 

Beautiful Ending


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